Comfortable Backpacks for Carrying Your MacBook

I had to look for the entry of the backpack that I checked in post from Applesfera to know long it has lasted me the C.O.R.E. Audio backpack from Nike. The above entry is January 2007, so I hope that his replacement lasts much or more than the other. And the rucksack chosen is a Thule Crossover 25L MacBook, probably one of the best options to take your portable Mac from here to there, as we will see in this entry “ to fund.

Comfortable Backpacks for Carrying Your MacBook

Thule Crossover 25L MacBook, quality on all four sides

When a brand of backpacks offer a 25 year warranty on their products for something it will be. According to digopaul, Thule is a Swedish brand specialized in the transport of sports equipment, and I can assure you firsthand that, in Sweden, raining, snowing and quite cold. So the warranty offered and chosen materials ensure that the contents of the backpack will not suffer the inclemency of the weather.

In the store I could not choose color, since they only had the model in blue, but seeing the pictures in the Thule catalog I think that if they had had the backpack in black also would have chosen the blue. The backpack is made of Nylon, and all the auctions of the backpack are perfectly finished. Zippers have a generous (and somewhat flashy) handles in Orange to use them smoothly with gloves.

Also say that vertical zipper that you can see on the picture is prepared to keep out the water in the Pocket. Within it we find a Department with mesh fabric.

If we go to the top, we find one of the most interesting aspects of the backpack. Account with a rigid department called SafeZone, in which we can get from some sunglasses, mobile phone, or a small compact camera.

The Sony Nex 5 with 16 mm lens enters the Pocket perfectly. In this way, what you put in that Department is especially protected and hand. The zipper of the Department has the possibility of adding a small padlock or lock for security.

Here we see the appearance of the SafeZone from largest backpack pocket and, to its right pocket to carry your notebook.

Second zipper the backpack gives access to a section with a plastic interior pocket with a zipper. If water enter into the backpack that Pocket would remain fully waterproof, so you can put there documentation or other elements to ensure their safety. We also have another Pocket in mesh and also closed with zipper, as well as some departments for pens, mobile, etc..

The following Pocket is what allows us to carry our portable protected, Thanks to a padded interior pocket that gives some protection to our MacBook. In the backpack specifications say that it could be used with a 17 MacBook ”, to give you an idea of the dimensions.

On the sides of the bag we also have 2 zipped pockets that allow us to carry small objects or bottles with liquid.

The comfort is also important

If the different departments of a backpack are important, comfort is not less. Two restraint the Backpack straps are equipped with a form in “ S ” which give us a good load position and avoid that straps end up nailing in the shoulders or the clavicles. It also has a Adjustable front strap, so the backpack does not move and we can go safe.

In straps we have some elements in Orange and covering various elements to keep things hanging from them. It also has two handles, one on top and one at the bottom, that will facilitate us the life to hold the backpack or out of the hand of the plane compartment, for example. And the front buckles reduce the thickness of the backpack in case of not needing to carry many things, and are open to facilitate the opening of the backpack and introduce our belongings with comfort.

Backpack vacuum weighs just 1.1 kg, with a capacity of 25 L, enough to carry my stuff every day. And the price of the backpack is 100 euros, although I found it lowered to 80 euros, so I believe that I have made an excellent purchase. Recommended.