Christmas Gifts for Men

This Christmas you have to do a lot of gifts. Both for women and for men. On the occasion of a suggestion of some of our commentators (Vampiirella, Nicholaa or Freja) elaborate these ideas for gifting to the male audience.

We are not so complicated as input we seem. We think the same thing when it comes to giving a gift to our girlfriends, mothers or sisters. If you like them or not, if they do, it will be them… as well, here are some recommendations for your bride and groom, parents, siblings, friends and other family to prevent doubts.

A good leather jacket It is one of the perfect gifts for this Christmas. As we discussed our fellow eBayers, these jackets are fashionable and there are various styles and colors. It dominates the biker style, but I’d rather stay with the more classical, without peaks and smooth version. Black is the colour most helpful, but where better dark brown.

In coats, the best gift is a three quarters, in black or dark blue, both shades are worth, as well as the grey option and the lamé, very elegant and it can be found in numerous stores. This option I would like much of Zara in black, very elegant.

In sweaters the choice is very personal. It depends on the taste and the age of each person, so before choosing one or the other, better think well about whether that is his style. For a young audience, I would bet by one zipper Sweatshirt, with or without hood, to suit the consumer.

For a public medium, a Cardigan as see us in the picture, also belonging to the new looks from Zara Street. You can combine it with everything and they are very fashionable.

For older, better one of peak or round neck, smooth, very classic and uncomplicated. Although it is a too impersonal gift.

The shirts to give follow the same patterns. If we give it to who is our boyfriend or friend of the soul, bet by one of pictures that they follow fashion and maybe even don’t have one in your closet and if you have it, better find a different model colors and design.

If, on the other hand, we give it to who is to our parents or someone who will give a more formal use, the choice will be very difficult, since each person has his philias and phobias in shirts. A lisa of Ermenegildo Zegna rejoice over one.

In belts I have the weakness of the braided, great quality, none of which are horrible and there who look them well. Leather and Italian. It is worth paying a little more.

In a matter of scarves, handkerchiefs and scarves you have to see first how to dress to whom it will be give. Not like many men carry none of this and others on the other hand we love. In the scarves of pictures of HE by Mango are great.

In scarves I like the ones that has Adolfo Dominguez Although I would not mind that they embraced some of Paul Smith, signs that I always find too expensive.

For the scarves, one kind of silk is always seen as a great gift, especially for those who we like also the Bohemian style or classical style. If the budget you arrive, the of Hermes they will be the most grateful.

In shoes a great booty It is always essential. In black or a Brown very dark, all in one piece, without additives. There are many prices, signatures, and quality. The of Gant they give a great result and the price is not so excessive as other big names in luxury.

Some ideas to give to the male audience. With what you stay you? I hope that one has solved your doubts of what to buy.