Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding

The wedding dress is very personal and with so many options it’s not always easy to choose the ideal. But, for the look of the wedding to be flawless, theAccessories also deserve to be chosen with all calmness and dedication. Necklace, bracelet or earrings should be selected taking into account thepersonal style of the bride and the neckline of the dress.

To be a bride with dress and harmonized accessories check out some tips:

V neckline dress medium
In this type of neckline, small accessories, but charming, draw attention to the face. The Crater earring jewelry designer Eliana Schüssel is a great option. If you decide to use a paste also choose a discreet, because with many accessories you run the risk of getting an image heavy.

Classic Dress
With a more classical dress, you have cleavage, but is also accompanied by sleeves, use only reinforces the bride look earrings and let the look harmonious. The earring Silhouette Eliana Schüssel is a perfect option. Classic, but modern, the earrings draws attention in the right amount and complete the visual leaving very elegant.

Asymmetrical neckline dress
This type of cleavage is almost always used by brides who have outstanding and unique style. So, to complement the look the accessory must also be highlighted. The Light earring of designer Eliana Schüssel is just up the visual. With details in stone green gold, the piece is delicate, light and at the same time.

Halter Dress
The halter neckline is sexy and gives a sense of power, so a combination only with earrings and vintage glamour is already perfect. The Silver Earring Playmobil Short Eliana Schüssel is a choice which fits very well with what the visual prompts.

Strapless dress
The strapless model is one of the most used today. Sexy and elegant dress combines with necklaces . The Pleading of designer Eliana Schüssel is an option. Worked, it is modern and draws attention.

And the last tip is a general rule for the look of the bride: If the dress is very detailed, the ideal is to opt for more delicate accessories and similar materials to the clothes. If the dress is already simpler is released dare in jewelry. In the virtual store of Eliana Schüssel you find other exclusive pieces that match your style and dress.