Children’s Traditional Nightshirts

Night shirt – a necessary element of the closet – one of the oldest. Shirt night protects not only the cold, but also covers the nakedness – in the family or society is not well go naked, of course, if nudystka. Let’s look at lingerie for a night of rest.
Nowadays used as new styles and models of night shirts and pajamas and styles used by many generations, as long as you feel comfortable because you slept or not – depends on your health.

Huge role in choosing a gown – plays fabric from which it is made. The fabric must be pleasant to the touch and preferably made of natural fabrics – synthetics electrified as it is injurious to health. For kids, nightwear or pajamas to sleep, to reduce free or ribbing for during your vacation does not hurt and is not pressed.

The choice of model depends on your marital status (because when children or parents should not go into erotic nightgown, in extreme cases, in the beginning should be discarded robe or garment); taste or mood.

Classic Shirt

Traditional modest nightgown, below knee length, sewn warmer and lighter – suitable for all women, but especially popular among middle-aged women and older women great physics.

Classic Pajamas

Later, but also classic version nightwear consists of a shirt and trousers. Mainly used in winter to warm, so warm sewn from fabrics.
The modern version pajamas – pajamas year (pants replaced shorts) sewn from lightweight satin fabric.


Translated from French – shemyz (shirt, jacket). Shirt with short sleeves or without, aged 17 -18 worn under clothing and protect the body cast or rough coats, later transformed into a nightgown (combination). Now – free-style gown, protects the body from cold and absorbs sweat.


Robe – a kind of coat for women made of lace, satin, silk, chiffon and other lightweight, worn over negligee. Play or aesthetic role of sexy lingerie, body cold does not protect.

Nude – bebydoll (Babydoll)

Nude – short erotic shirt straps made of light transparent fabric and decorated by playing more erotic role.