Children’s Clothing Collection

Jayram RAM 2015 Summer – “a fantastic balloon trip”
The Jayram RAM is one of the best-known children’s clothing brands in the country. Famous for the high quality of his pieces and wonderful design, the mark remains in the market as one of the best in a long time. Children who have used many looks today College gone Constance and are forming their families, this is proof of what good is hard. That’s why every season your creations only get better. Check out the collection of spring and summer 2015, titled “a fantastic balloon trip”:

Always amazing proposals, this time the brand Jayram RAM takes the girls to a balloon trip, which passes through three different scenarios that influence their looks and their styles. The sites chosen are Nashville, Hawaii and New York, translating a little bit from each one of these places in parts.
Passing through Nashville
For starters, in Nashville, the world city country comes with delicate prints and looks inspiring many fringes. In this section of the collection, there are a lot of dresses with skirt rodadinha, camisetinhas combined with neck scarves, shirts with bufantes sleeves, shirts with embroidery on the shoulders, year, skirts, dresses and handbags of fringes. Everything in neutral tones, white, coral and pale blue, black, pink and Brown.
Passing through New York
Back in New York, the pieces appear with lots of glamour, including a miniature version of the everlasting breakfast at Tiffany’s, played by Audrey Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany ‘ s. The color palette in this part of the collection has many pieces in black, white and color points in yellow, pink and blue. As for models, many straight dresses, dresses with skirt rodadinha and vests.
Passing by Hawaii
Finally, the fantastic balloon trip for Hawaii, the collection is more lively, with many models of dresses with floral print in yellow and pink tea. The dresses appear with skirt rodadinha and application of ruffles, as well as the tail, which also arise super delicate and feminine. Some dresses feature tulle transparent details, very modern. There are also more basic looks, ideal for day to day, as combinations of t-shirts with designs on the front and blue jeans. The floral print runs this part of the collection, making everything much more colorful and fun, as well as must be the summer looks.