Chess Skirt: How to Use and Match

The skirts have always been a wardrobe piece worn by women. There are the most varied types of skirts: jeans, glued, lace, balloon model, long, medium, silk, ruffled, pleated and etc.  It is up to each woman to choose the skirt style that fits more with her and her style. 
A type of skirt very classic and until today much used is the plaid skirt.However, not all women know how to match this piece.
Want tips on how to wear and match your chess skirts? Follow our step by step and see how it’s done!

According to Shoppingpicks, the plaid skirts combine with a lot of things. However you have to be bound in the color of the chess pattern you have chosen and match it in the best possible way.
The plaid skirt with layers of ruffle matches a lot with a more neutral blouse, that is to say more blush.But depending on the color palette present in the chess gives to match with other colors of blouses or shirts, such as black, red, pink etc.
The more casual blouses are better to use as a combination on a day to day basis.

The plaid skirts with the raised waist are very classic and combine with an elegant sweater inside. If this shirt has a long sleeve and high collar the combination is even better.
If you want you can still wear a sweater with a draped sleeve or balloon that is always a charm.
The colors that most combine with this classic style are the shades gray, dark, brown, gold and silver for the night.

The pleated checked skirts are to each of the teenagers and the schoolgirls. It is a very Lolita style and still makes head of many men.
This model looks great with high socks, undersized sneakers, white shirt or a color that matches the pattern of the skirt. If you want you can still combine a coat with the skirt. But beware: do not use everything in chess as it can end up getting a very exaggerated and unbalanced look.
The novel Rebels served as inspiration for many women and teenagers who would like to wear and match this type of skirt.

The novel Rebels served as inspiration for many women and teenagers who would like to wear and match this type of skirt. The teenagers wore this skirt and increased it with various accessories and props that ended up working.
The slacker plaid skirts can be worn with a high-top boot that goes back to country style.
Choose your ideal model and use and abuse this fashion that will never end.