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Notes, Quotes and Even Shopping Lists. You Can Point It All with This T-Shirt in Slate. and over Take Sunset!

Today everything is individualized. The whole world wants to differentiate itself, Mark your tendency and surprise with own outfits. For that reason, the custom design has become the new target of street style, we want to be unique at all! With this premise, Challky has launched its new t-shirt of slate, on which you can paint, draw, and even write… Read more →

You Can Be Confused with The Shirt of Iron Maiden But Actually Is of Rough Studios

Iron Maiden, The Ramones, Metallica… All of these are bands who have seen their songs have become background to become a trend (aesthetics at least). The same happens with the barrage of street stylers wearing already famous shirt of Thrasher Magazine (magazine of the Mecca of the skate), or the fashion wear a cotton type vintage t-shirt. The firm Rough… Read more →