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These Are 9 Coats That without Ruining Yourself Will Make You The Most Stylish Girl in Winter

Low temperatures already reach the corners of the world, we must be prepared for cold and shelters become the indispensable garment. If you know to choose well your looks will become the best complement it is very easy to combine it in such a way that it is perfect for different looks but all of them are really elegant. Today… Read more →

Good Ideas for Halloween Party Costumes

Zombie Teddy, Sexy Skeleton Girl or rather as a horror classic with Jason hockey mask? Who wants to be on Halloween the star who needs a really good costume. Good that you have brought us, because we provide you, as every year before the most popular horror costumes for your Halloween party. As usual, the creepy, unusual and sensational the better. This year there… Read more →

New H&M Advert

Here we are with another advertising campaign. Perhaps one of the most anticipated, especially if you love the style, the young fashion and especially the prices contained. Perhaps not’ve all been waiting to peep the forthcoming proposals for H & M for fall-winter and will already from its advertising campaign? I think so. Here settle then, let’s look together with promotional images have just been presented by… Read more →


One of autumn’s most influential material is flannel. A fabric that gives the appearance of roughness, but actually as soft as cashmere. Equally rewarding to wear the combine. Saturday’s inspiration is obvious flannel. Flannel includes actually both wool and cotton fabrics. The fabric is sparingly roughened to give a closest pile surface. One characteristic of the fabric is just the… Read more →

Well Dressed Casual

Reflection: Recent years have been discussed feverishly about how men’s fashion has moved towards the well-dressed. It has frossats in preppy, Brideshead influences, brogues, double-breasted jackets and cashmere cable-knit sweaters. But this wave of Slow Fashion is easy to miss how well dressed vogue clearly become more commonplace, and become more relaxed. Read more →