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Milan Men’s Fashion Week Trends

Careful season style, with a strong call to the tailor made quirky signs and mixtures that define the issues. The rock and its variations, or the floral prints under strict and elegant jackets but also shirts that come out and dominate the pants, which are also accompanied by tailored jacket, remembering a bohemian attitude, but also a look at ‘ eccentric artist and homeless residence, with its… Read more →

Types of Sweaters

Plummeting temperatures, wind and rain. The signs are all there, and it will be better used to the idea: the now winter is around the corner and there is no more room for clothing from light and impalpable fabrics, it’s time to pull out of the closet tights, scarves , hats and anything that can be useful to address the first… Read more →

Plus Size Short Sleeve Sweater

Short sleeve sweaters are the proper basics in the transitional period and complement different outfits from the rock up to the Pant suit. The chic trendsetters fit perfectly thanks to the short sleeve Blazer or cardigan. Women with stronger body can enjoy fashionable short sleeve sweater XXL, which score as a stylish all-rounder for versatile looks. Whether meergrüne cashmere pullover… Read more →

Men's Sweaters and Cardigans

Whoever talks about men’s sweaters, thinks about knit sweaters in this day and age. Men’s sweaters are called sweatshirts. In contrast to men’s sweaters men’s pullover wraps the upper body and arms completely without sewn zippers. Usually, men’s sweaters have a round neckline. There are also variants with a turtleneck or a V-neck. You can choose your men’s sweaters from… Read more →

Men's Fashion Clothing

Fashion is no longer a woman’s affair. Men too have become style conscious and choose to wear those clothes that make him look smart and outstanding. Hence designers around the globe are coming up with exclusive men fashion attires to satisfy men’s needs. There are wonderful popular clothing designs for men in various sizes and colors to suit all occasions.… Read more →