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A Style for Every Day of the Week (3)

Lack little so the cold is installed that must seize the garments of Demi-season e go combined with some winter to get Transitional looks between the mild temperatures and the cold. These days are perfect for mixing with leather jackets blouses or dresses with boots. Monday again with “A style for each day of the week” to propose different looks and following trends so… Read more →

Who Signs the Perfect Jacket that Is Fashionable?

It has happened again… There is already a at Zara clothing smelling to be the most demanded and ordered these Christmas 2013. So Amancio put batteries and it increases its production, because you found the piece of the golden eggs. And this time it is not an asymmetric skort, but a simple lollipop leather that has an I don’t know what that makes it special.… Read more →