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In several municipalities in France, local authorities have banned the so-called “burkini” swimsuit that Muslim women are typically used to enter the water or show on the beach and that only lets see them face, hands and feet. Some judges and the first Minister Manuel Valls have supported the decision on behalf of the secularism of the Republic and of… Read more →

La Perla Swimsuits 2013

This summer, forget the greyness and give in to calls from sensuality Adriatic dragging you in a swimsuit La Perla 2013! For its new collection of swimwear, la Perla is inspired colors and Sicilian lights by combining the traditional appearance of lace of smocking, which enhance the female form and awaken the sensuality of women’s bodies. Read more →

Iconic Swimsuits in Movies

Undisputed star of the beaches, the iconic swimsuit is covered with glory in stripping the biggest stars of the cinema… Express projection of these swimsuits that have a flat screen. The one-piece swimsuit, (r) destined to become a summer classic, to the seductive bikini whose stylistic fame is more to do, the (sub) swimwear had a place in the Sun… Read more →