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What Celebrity “Sold” More Cover in 2010? and Who Was a Fiasco for The Fashion Magazines?

2010 has ended, and after the usual even up to 12 months of red carpets, collections and looks, touches speak of numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. We speak of the celebrities who have “joined” in publications, those whose image on the cover has exhausted numbers, but also those who have subtracted and even divided, resulting in lack of interest in… Read more →

The Version of The Gurus of Fashion, by Transvestite Candy Magazine

That’s great. Hear that a magazine poses make the transvestite version of the current gurus fashion Gets the willies, the risk posed. But the Candy magazine He has succeeded in doing so, with taste and an outstanding note. Editorial oozes elegance in their poses, styling, idea and characters and authentic transvestites clones of Anna Wintour, the great Grace Coddington or the… Read more →

The Backstage of The Editorials of Fashion Do You Dare to Decrypt It?

The fashion Sometimes it is a representation of exclusive clothing, beautiful models and latest trends and others is as profound as art, with its concepts and inspirations. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate a few cases of others and only if we have the right information will tell whether we have before us an editorial that simply extols the beauty… Read more →

Chloe Sevigny Is Alicia in The Country of The Wonders in Harper’s Bazaar Russia

We already knew that the big premiere of the season was the Tim Burton movie Alice in the Wonderland. Increasingly, the journals who choose it as a theme of inspiration for his editorials. Then there is the merit of each magazine do a different story and that you get to cause the same disturbing and captivating effect that Lewis Carroll… Read more →