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Vogue Germany Remains The Queen among The Vogues, Now with Doutzen Kroes as Protagonist

The German version of Vogue never ceases to amaze us with their latest numbers: the cover of Iris that captivated my colleague Charlie, which starred Claudia Schiffer in the most sophisticated way and now this, where model it Doutzen Kroes It flaunts its beauty with a look of the collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012 Miu Miu. Read more →

Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire… with What Version You Stay?

We started the weekend with another batch of international journals for this month’s May 2011: Vogue, Elle y Marie Claire. All talk about fashion, but it is the only thing that share, as each has very different and disparate characters on their front pages. The American version Vogue you choose to look for the actress Reese Witherspoon, first appearance after… Read more →

Prepare the Backpack for Long-Haul Backpacking Trips

How to organize the backpack and what to carry inside? We advise you about those doubts that have those who start backpacking trips. Are you going to start in the adventure of backpacking trips and you have doubts when preparing the backpack ? We advise you about this considering “long distance” as an independent trip of more than 2 weeks and without previous reservations aside… Read more →

Bridal Jewelry Tips

Jewelry-The Valuable Rings For The Brides, In Replacement To Traditional Alliance Since the invention of jewelry they have always been present in the life of man. Necklaces, earrings, rings and all kinds of adornments made of gold, silver, platinum and steel served to demonstrate power, beauty, wealth, prosperity and charm. The jewels, however, in earlier cultures and civilizations could not… Read more →