Casual Style Shirts

The T-shirt

Basic excellence, take it with long sleeves in the winter of course. There are many varieties of shirt: V flights, more or less open, patterns in drawing and writing … I advise you to favor a round neck, easy to attach and take it in a bright color. The shirt is one of the few parts that can select white without risk of being wrong. Do not hesitate as pastel colors (sand, taupe, metal, blue sky …).

The Short

Besides jogging, shorts will be a good option for you to dress with class if you allow the temperatures. In the case of winter, it will be wise to keep to the sport, it will depend on your strength.

You can choose a model cotton thicker or thinner depending on freshness. We forget the synthetics that will make you sweat unnecessarily like polyester. In color, stay either in the basic range with blue or gray marl, which will then allow you to perform many combinations of colors, or make an originality with red shorts, green or orange, which may be combined with blue, yellow or khaki.

So that your outfit is still as elegant as possible, you should be vigilant about cutting short: it must occur in the middle of the thighs and sufficiently close to the body. Type bermudas “baggy” that fall below the knee are instead to avoid even the micro shorts which remains reserved solely to sport this time.

In terms of brands, go take a look at Ami, Avergne Philippe Marcel and Bleu de Paname (read


Jogging was once a garment reserved only for sports. However, it has diversified in recent years with various cuts and bold associations which if properly exploited can create a very interesting and beneficial effect. It is now possible to jogging in street clothes and create elegance, and you will find in the various sportswear ideas to use it in your style.

The Runnings

We said, the shoe speaks volumes about the taste and personality of a man. They are at the heart of an outfit and can change the situation of completely.

This is particularly the case with the style sportswear and running shoes, which have the advantage of being comfortable for long walks in the city.

  • To start, you need to choose a high or low pair. For men making less than 165cm, I highly recommend you to focus on low size models, because taking a rising piece will serve your body by packing visually, while your priority is to tee off.
  • For men making more 175cm, high shoes are recommended because they will boost the rendering of holding and allow you to play with the volumes with wide trousers.

Important to mention, there is one big exception: you stick strictly to low shoes if you wear shorts. Put eg sneakers with shorts will be just awful.

Regarding brands, we particularly appreciate New Balance. Although being unsightly, they bring a royal comfort and a well thought out outfit will give you this effect sportswear.

For color, white, brown and midnight blue are still very effective. Avoid maximum black is sad and difficult to marry.

We Play on the “Layering”

For those who are not familiar with the English term, the layering is how well superimpose layers of clothing. As with such a shirt, a hoodie and a coat. Or a shirt, tie, sweater and a jacket. Childish!

But there are tricks to put the odds on your side and you’ll especially need the sportswear winter.

  • Go the finest (close to the skin) in the thickest. This will increase your stature, although are very thin. This can be a t-shirt with a cashmere knit (which keep you warm despite its thinness), followed by a larger sweater and complemented by a coat. You can add a relaxed trousers and/or running shoes for example.
  • You can also go from light to dark. The rule is not absolute but it is effective to give depth and enhance your colors. Imagine a sky blue shirt with a royal blue tie and cardigan navy blue. You can also make a break with a gray coat or parka, a jacket, etc.

Mix the Chic and Casual

To take ownership even better sportswear, going a little further on this idea of ​​a “mismatch”.

The key between the sportswear is to keep this sports connotation away with more serious parts, fancier.

  • You are free to choose if you transfer more on sport than on chic, or the reverse. What will count here is to mix between sobriety and originality.
  • Rely more on one strong piece that will set the tone of the holding and on which other garments will consist. Getting back on the jacket, it is a very prominent feature and can be tempered with another style like this;
  • Be very attentive to the details, including buttons, fasteners and pockets. Avoid an overload of items that would only increase the rendering. Prefer simplicity with light details that will spice it up!

For patterns, lines and scratches should not be ostentatious. Without turning to excessive flashy either, touches of color are welcome. For more information, see our article reference on color combinations. If you can put a little red and green, do not hesitate!

  • Try runnings leather. More expensive and to maintain rigorous course, however, they are very elegant and will bring some cachet to your style. Be sure to choose a good leather, not to be confronted with surprises. I have a tip for you: press the fingertips leather, and calibrates the result: if the leather back to its original shape easily you will have a pair of good quality. Another advantage older, the leather will become nicely patinated.

Remember, no black runnings, especially if it’s leather. Prefer a pretty brown model that can be associated with the majority of tones.

Sportswear, Eclectic Style

As you can see, the sportswear gives you a great freedom of maneuver in which you can get creative.

Now available in outfits contingencies of town, it is in the process of appropriating the codes and other trends in the apparent chaos of ideas, it’s up to you to monopolize!

Observe especially the rules of morphology and color combination that we shared, and be careful on the matter at best avoiding synthetic. From here you have all the good basics to get you started.

And you, how your style is “casual”? Rather casual or rather chic? In what context do you dress that way? Come and tell us in the comments!