Casual Style at Any Age: Jeans to The 20, 30 and 40

Associate the informal style to the jeans, It is practically inevitable, and even a garment completely versatile that we increasingly in events that require a certain etiquette (which do not arrange a sequin top, a blazer type there is nothing tuxedo, and a pair of shoes of scandal), continues to be the perfect wildcard journal.

The best thing is that does not understand of ages and the same is true for girls, that for adults than for women in full maturity: the low waist skinny as of Vanessa Hudgens they are perfect for twenty, semi-ancha middle and leg waist, ideal one any jersey and a few heels, style Lindsay Price, flat and ethnic blouse can be perfectly work, and the high-waisted and flared effect, with sandal, they are also Mothers who return to the hippie as the sublime Helena Christensen.

But You can reverse the order of the factors, the cigarettes are worth the same for mothers, than the flared for the teenagers;
the boyfriend to the instrumental, to the broken for the mature.