Cactus Print Clothing

Cacti and Succulents have become the passion of many people. Months ago I came to make a post questioning whether this wave of cacti in the decoration was really love or fad, but it’s a trend that is beginning to arise in the fashion universe, in the pure sense of the word: “trend that’s still in your beginning, a little shy, but that people more attentive should have noticed. And this started in decorating and invaded even the set of stamps.

And What Do You Think of Cactus Pattern? Like?

I’m a team believes that a stamping done is beautiful anyway. And with cacti, is no different. Has more little weird prints, other cute everything and still have those that are “wow”, the guy who never would have imagined that a plant so exotic (and somewhat bizarre) could be so interesting. The most creative I’ve seen so far was paraded in SPFW that year, coconut water brand according to DISEASESLEARNING.

Here in Brazil, I’m still not finding prints of cacti, as well as coconut water and the Farm. But let’s keep an eye on popular stores because it shouldn’t take long to get to the macaws. Meanwhile, who has artistic skills can try to make your own print and sell around. And if by chance someone has already found prints of cacti in fast fashion here, warns us in the comments!

All images posted, I liked very much the cacti in the first images and was patterned in love by black dress with red accents of Chiara-beautiful!

And in the end, do you think this trend will catch on among Brazilians? Yes or no?