Vintage Long Skirts Online

What are long skirts?

Long skirts, especially the maxi skirt, are all the rage. The long, figure-flattering cut makes it the perfect garment for large women. But small women make in long skirts a fine figure when they combine properly.

Vintage Long Skirts Online

Can small women wear long skirts?

Less is more is the motto for women with small body size. Clear, straight cuts without playful details like ruffles or stage stretch the figure optically. Advantageously act especially soft and flowing materials. Small women should best access to short, airy tops and jackets and emphasize the waist with a chic belt or belt. Pattern should never be mixed. At a patterned long skirt fits a simple top. Heels make naturally best long skirts, they stretch and conjure long legs. On fancy accessories like large statement necklaces or shoppers would rather not, and instead resort to small handbags and simple jewelry. Tip: The hair on a casual updo forms or tie into a bun. The extended upper body visually.

How should large women wear long skirts?

For large women long skirts are of course ideal retro style fashion. You can access without trouble maxi skirts with patterns and combine them with a patterned blouse. Cantilevered jewelry and large pockets even perfect the trendsetting hippie look. Voluminous sectional shapes and valances are not a problem. Width Tops and oversize jackets conceal not only small excess fat but give the whole outfit a casual touch. Large Women should but do not combine high boots with long skirts, which acts namely quick bite to opulent. Sandals with a small heel or flat sandals are a better choice.

What to consider when buying long skirts?

On the one hand is to pay attention to the choice of materials, since the different materials have different properties bring with them. Long skirts from Jersey are emerging like what wears women including while skirts made of cotton rather apply instead of making slim. Also on the length of it depends, because a long skirt should be enough in any case at least below the knee and up to a maximum just above the ground. The skirt must but never dragged along the ground!

What shoes to go with long skirts?

Flat shoes always fit a long skirt. In the warmer months, especially sandals are very popular because they are casual and comfortable. but Ballerinas are of course also a good alternative. Even boots and boots can be combined with long skirts, but this special look is not every woman. Those who would like wegschummeln short stature and / or a few spare tires, is well advised with sandals, wedges and high heels.

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