Bugs in Seams of Clothing

Coats and jackets with rear slot is always sewn. Why is there this seam at all? And why are actually also the pockets sewn to?

You bought a new coat this winter? Then look yet quickly, whether you also made this mistake. Because you must solve the back slot for coats, jackets or Blazers, so the slot at all makes sense.

The back slot on jackets, coats and blazers are almost always sewn. It is many people don’t. If you take care of me on it, are you sure many jackets and coats notice the back vent is still sewn to. Usually, there are only two bites, which can be easily solved with a pair of scissors. These stitches are not stitched. Mostly we used a thick thread, so you can solve it easily according to HOLIDAYSORT.

Why is a seam at back slit?

The seam is used that the garments smoothly and properly arrive at the customer. So, the back slot is fixed, so that he can be at the end of the production of iron . So you can do not bend the corners during the packaging. If the garment has this seam, you should disconnect easily after the purchase with a pair of scissors.

Patch to pockets on the jacket

Coats and jackets are pockets often sewn to. This serves that the bags not bulging, if many people try the garment. In addition, it helps stores that no waste such as handkerchiefs in the pockets of land. The bags can be separated easily. However, who don’t want that it bulging, can let also sewn to.

By the way: A back vent sewn to or closed pockets are a quality feature. Who makes this intermediate step in the production, ensures that the goods in their original state when the customer arrives.