Bridal Jewelry Tips

Jewelry-The Valuable Rings For The Brides, In Replacement To Traditional Alliance

Since the invention of jewelry they have always been present in the life of man. Necklaces, earrings, rings and all kinds of adornments made of gold, silver, platinum and steel served to demonstrate power, beauty, wealth, prosperity and charm. The jewels, however, in earlier cultures and civilizations could not be used by slaves, let alone by people who were not well-off, given the symbologies that were attributed to them. In particular, some types of jewelry, such as rings, should only be used by people who hold certain positions or have certain professions, such as doctors, lawyers and even lawyers. In this case, the jewels should be studded with certain precious stones, whose colors and sizes were capable of identifying each one.

As early as the third century AD, because of the church’s determination, the rings were used as identification of the establishment of compromise between couples, since Pope Innocent said at the time that before the wedding officialization should occur a period, the which was known as engagement. Later, the ring was replaced by rings-rings that were smooth or with only a small precious stone, which should be used by the couple, always on the fourth finger of the left hand, symbolizing love, fidelity as a promise of life between the two according to AndyEducation.

However, in many countries and cultures, the use of the engagement ring has remained and remains to this day. Many men, in deciding to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage, prefer a romantic surprise and offer a gold ring with a little sparkle to cement the engagement. And many women also end up preferring this option because by earning the jewel as a wedding gift, they feel more valued and loved by their peers. In addition, the rings can be eternally used by them on any occasions. However, there are those who prefer to buy a pair of rings, and use them in common agreement until the wedding officialization date. In this case, the grooms also engrave their respective names within the alliances, to strengthen the bonds between them.