Boyfriend Style

What Is the Boyfriend Style?

Who has not ever put on his boy’s clothes? Not only do we all do it, but in addition, we all love it. That’s where the boyfriend style comes from. Clothing created precisely for the woman but that follows the main lines that have the masculine clothes.

Boyfriend Style

And now, of all the clothes of the man, with which you would stay? Among all those  clothes men, we are with the shirts, which logically, we have huge and ties.

But all this boyfriend look, is not a simple trend, is something that goes beyond. The male pants become fetish clothes for women. Also the coats XXL and  the classic shoes of man.

What Are the Versions?

Within the boyfriend style we find two key trends. The first is based on a 100% masculine look in which the masculine style is imposed on each and every one of the garments that comprise the outfit. And the second trend is amore feminine style, with a softer boyfriend style.

The Boyfriend Style Very Masculine

If we think about the look of our boy, and imagine all his clothes put on us may seem to us that can not favor us at all. But if I tell you that all those clothes, combined with taste can even be our allies and look more beautiful than ever? Get carried away by the boyfriend style!

The Female Boyfriend Style

You ask yourself, how can I look feminine in men’s clothes? Even if you do not believe it, it is possible to wear the boyfriend style in a feminine way.

For this, we will combine very masculinegarments such as large jeans with straight lines, a tie or even a shirt as we do in our proposal today. If we combine these men’s garments with good heels or a seasonal hat, it   will look like the clothes are ours and not our boy. The color you choose will also be an important part of the outfit.

I leave you with the photos of our proposal to get a boyfriend style of the most current andfeminine. You dare?