Bet on Jeans With Patches to Make Look Fun!

Super fun trend alert: Jeans with Patches! I’m sure you have seen around us looks of street style a lot of girls wearing jackets and pants with various patches-if you still have any doubts if this trend will catch on, this post is for you! Started quite shy, last winter… only some fashionistas have used earlier, many of us decided not to invest for fear of getting “stuck” in guada-clothes, but it’s definitely a trend that’s here to stay for many seasons!

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Super man of 90 years, worth betting on jeans with patches–the most common is to see jackets full of stickers, drawings can be varied. Is travelsites, letters, unicorns, hearts, emojis, skulls… it goes from your taste! The amount also depends on you, but you can see that most of the pieces have a lot of patches, just to give more style to the production.

A “bold” idea is to bet on the jeans with patches–look good, but also striking. If before you wore the same pants several times a week, it may be that with a lot of patches you use a little less, right? My tip here is Customize a pair a little older, if you don’t enjoy it won’t have too much invested to stay on trends. In fact, I think super valid because customise gets even more full of style and your face-you find patches in any Cabinet, but I have also seen in fast-fashions like Zara!

Who also loves jeans with patches?

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