Beards with Vintage and Retro Designs

Competitions around the world select different beard and unusual designs

You’re not going to believe, there are a world championship of beard. More than 300 competitors from 20 countries participarma of the last edition of the race of beard and moustache in Leogang, in Austria. With variations of colors, shapes and sizes, are a fine example of ideas to inspire the Court or having fun enough

World beard and moustache Championship vintage

The The World Beard and Moustache Championship came in 1990 in Höfen, in Germany, with a group of Muslims in an internal competition to choose the best designs of beard between the members. In 1995, the dispute became worldwide and, since then, happens periodically in various places in the world. Is pure vintage style!

Have a beautiful and showy beard requires daily care to keep it trimmed and healthy. And some men have taken the facial hair so seriously that go far beyond basic hygiene and traditional formats according to MedicineLearners.

What Beard ideal for face formats

Square face -the ideal is to set the lines of the rounded shape. The tip is to call more attention to the middle of the face, i.e. highlight mustache and goatee, besides not using straight lines and prevent chops.

Triangular Face – the most important thing is to disguise the Chin, that this format is more pronounced. For this, call attention to other places, as the sides. A fuller beard and populated.

Round face -is indicated lower side a beard, to refine the face. In this case, the thinner beard, with aspect, is a good thing. Also, another tip is to choose a drawing to select the jaw line.