Bags for Gifts This Christmas

There are a few days to think in What to give this Christmas and as we saw some idea for men, today we are going with proposals in the snap-ins, more specifically, in bags.

A bag is a gift that does not fail, almost all women have one new pending to include in its collection and they are wonderful (the test is the of) Chloe carrying Rachel Bilson in the image), the more you have, better will be to complement them with our clothes varying styles and looks.

The clutchs they are one of the most suitable for gift giving, since options which are acquisitions to more thinking, because they are less available in depending on what occasions. East of snake skin of Uterqüe It is magnificent. Wine Bordeaux and with some incredible closures.

Zara This offers us his in a broad, black measure but with the detail of a thin strip between Monkey mini crystals. Perfect for this look this Christmas.

If the portfolio allows us, could opt to give one of Chanel, only that it is not suitable for all audiences in terms of price. With respect to the design, I don’t know anyone who see these two bags and not fall in love with them. The first with rhombuses.

And the second, also in black, tiniest, and with a beautiful white loop on the surface. This would be my main choice to choose one. I love it.

To adopt the punk style or rocker These days we could opt for this bag of Alexander Wang, with the short handle, shoulder, all in black and with an interesting background which leaves tacks as a former detail.

In short, tiny steps, Mango offers us a magnificent clutch Grey, which is cute, with a gray and silver belt to match the rest.

Following the trend of reduced measures we have this from Jimmy Choo, with the print animal print that love to the Malaysian Designer +. Very showy and more elongated than the rest, very in portfolio format.

Louis Vuitton also has a tiny model but this time to the shoulder, of small proportions, with a red incredible passion and with the Monogram over the entire surface. Loved me.

For a people who you like the Red passion, only prefer the broader measures, East of Gant It can be a great option, only the short handle can be a nuisance for some.

I prefer this wine Bordeaux’s Fendi. Incredible as everything that proposes the brand Italian owned by LVMH and with Karl Lagerfeld as ground. It’s wonderful.

Something more classic, leather, and not one skin either, but the best, since that is of Hermes, It is this bag in dark brown. A classic but that it does not fail to have in the closet.

And if we want to anticipate to the Spring-summer 2010 We can incorporate new models like this of Givenchy with a celebrated print nice.