Avoid The Mistakes Of The Casual Business Style!

What Is Casual Business?

The casual business style is an  informal style that many companies use to remove some seriousness from the formal dress of the week.Usually the business day is Friday.

The casual business style has incorporated anew style of dress in the companies, but you must be careful not to make mistakes when dressing your casual business look. After the word casual, we all perceive a different meaning, that is why it is imperative to learn what is the code of casual business dress to not make mistakes.

You should not confuse casual business as many believe it means moving up the weekend in the office, so beware.

Dress Code Casual Business

To begin with, you must be clear that casual business is not wearing a suit without a tie, but goes further. The casual business code is not theformal code nor is it the casual code. It is just a combination of both.

#1 The  Casual Business Pants

The type of casual business pants is straight with or without tweezers. Depending on your silhouette you will benefit from the tongs or not.For this I recommend this guide where you will learn to discover the type of pants that favors you the most.

As for color, it must be somewhat neutral. Forautumn and winter cool pants such as gray, black, and more cheerful colors for spring and summer; Ochres, earth or beiges.

 #2 The Casual Business Jacket

The type of jacket should be straight as well. It may well be a blazer with 2 or 3 button jacket orsuit that is not so serious. As for the colors, the comments for the pants. Dark colors forautumn-winter; And lighter colors for spring or summer.

#3 The Business Casual Shirt

As for the casual business shirt there is no doubt. Must be long sleeve. No short sleeves,forbidden. The type of shirt collar, wide, Italian cut.

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The shirts offer a wide range of possibilitiessince being a look in which we do not wear a tie, gives us more game. That’s why you can choose a casual business shirt with a soft print pattern.

#4 The Socks

Matching with the shoes and combined with the rest of the casual business look. You can choose the combination-matching colors-or by contrast, choose a striking color that contrasts with the rest of the  outfit or look.

#5 Casual Business Shoes

The shoes should be classic. We can not let the comfort of casual business take over. So shoes should be classic cut and closed like the ones you’ll wear the rest of the week. In this sense you can choose the type of shoe that you like, whether it be laces or closure buckle or similar .As for the color, being a classic footwear we will wear, better dark colors. In summer you can opt for classic beige shoes. Very pretty andfashionable for this new spring summer.

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Most Errors Made In Business Casual

#1 Confuse it with the casual look, which is appropriate for the weekend, but not to go to the office to work.

#2 The companies usually warn those items thatare not allowed to use, yet often forget to say what really can be and this creates confusion in many workers who do not know the protocol dress of each sector.

#3 Do not adequately suit different sectors and jobs, as a section or department head can not afford to go as casual business as an employee of yours.

Let’s see in a simple way what are the garmentsthat can be worn, and which are out of place for a casual business.

What Is Allowed

Blazer or woolen bag or raincoat

Dress shirt with collar and long sleeve

Sweater and/or raincoat

Handkerchief can be used to give a touch of elegance

You can use a woven tie (thin)

Dress pants

Leather moccasins shoes

Leather belts

Metal strap watch preferably

What You Are NOT Allowed To Wear In Casual Business

T-shirts or t-shirts

Sports or leather jackets (leather)

Garments with logos or phrases (except those of the company where you work)

Jeans or jeans (belong to casual code)

Tennis or sandals

Cloth belt

Leather or Fabric Bracelets


What is your favorite look for casual business?Tell us about it!