As Your Piece of Jewelry was Made?

Creativity, inspiration, facts, memories, observations… All these features, or at least some of them, are part of the everyday life of a jewelry designer, along with research and hard work.

The jewelry designer has today a world of creative possibilities. There is room for several productions, both as craft. But, have you ever wondered what the designer’s inspiration?

The designer Eliana Schüssel has selected some of his exclusive pieces in silver to tell what the inspiration of each.

Line Wire star of David
The idea of the stylization of the star of David was shaping a single wire to become a star of David, giving an infinite continuity according to computerminus.

Wheel Line
The thought was working a simple shape (circle) giving the illusion of the run. This was acquired through the texture of play and with a stone in the Center, marking your core. In addition, with the cut made and shifting the fragmented pieces created a continuity of circular motion up and down.

Articulate Online
The aim was to create, through the continuity of a repeated shape several times, an earring and a necklace. To create something not so obvious, were made different sizes and some details of holes, that to give mobility and charm to the articulation of the pieces was fundamental.

Line Scoop
The proposal was to create a stylized form of a spoon that gently will be marked. And to develop a different atmosphere, something that would require the person noticing (stop to look), was placed the stone on the side of the earring, giving a special charm.

Silhouette Line
In this line the pieces were born through the stone. A rock with both sides equal and that has a flower design which goes expanding. Everything was done on the basis of this stone. The intention was to create something different for your driving and to leave the loose stone, free of any metal in a part of your circle. And the metal would have to give lightness and sensuality to this stone.

Infinite Line
The idea of this line was, through the infinite form, show a subtlety in variation of a round wire for a wire square. This was possible with a smooth and gradual change. And in the ring, have been cut, a rock that comes out in the form in which the thread is, namely, square.