Ankle Boots Versus Boots

For years nothing more without boots fashionably seen in winter. Riding boots have dominated the footwear boots through elegant models with high-heeled up to questionable Overknees in my perception since 2005 in the autumn/winter.

Since the spring/summer 2011, there are also plenty of lighter summer ankle boots and boots. Maybe started with the summer boots the turnaround? For a long time, I bought my first autumn ankle boots 2011. In the autumn/winter 2012, there already is a small range of boots. Ankle boots have taken over the baton in all styles, heel heights and shapes.

Ankle boots versus boots

  • Price
    Ankle boots cost with the same quality for less – clear, is also less.
    Advantage boots
  • Combination possibilities
    High boots (up to just below the knee) fit pants – either pants over it or plugged in, depending on the pants hem width and preference. Also, you look good with skirts and dresses in all hem lengths.
    Ankle boots fit to all types of trousers, not good-looking but to every skirt length. To a MIDI skirt no one looks good with ankle boots, because too little leg can be seen. Ankle boots fit with long skirts and short (an inch above the knee). When the Italian skirt length, where the knee is almost covered, and which is available to every woman, boots are only beneficial if the tights either shoe or rock color is exactly matched. Contrast colors compress already and seem to short hem lengths better. This ankle boots emphasize beautiful shackles and the lower calf area, which is often slim. This advantage goes down easily in boots.
    Neutral rating
  • Trend factor
    The advantage of the trend is clearly on the ankle boot.
  • Fit shaft
    Ankle boots fit most carriers in the calf. Rarely happens to closely and something too far can be balanced well with leggings, then also nice coming to the fore and disappear almost entirely in the stock.
    Boots are often difficult for calf, although in recent years always more manufacturers offer different boots E.g. Garbor and Duo boots. I’m at the store then but unfortunately often in a way that I find beautiful to exactly the models, which are not to have matching calf.
    Advantage boots
  • Pantyhose
    If you have worn your tights and leggings with boots in the past few years, Schubbelstellen are in all likelihood on the inside of the calf at the widest point close to the zipper in the nylons. If you want to wear Bootees so, you need unfortunately new hosiery. This can be costly. Advantage boots, because they are less to destroy or disadvantage, because they now cause costs?
    Neutral rating
  • For men
    Yes, you can also quiet times wear ankle boots as Chelsea boots or lace-ups made of fine leather with a discreet sole in winter to suit. And you get used to the sight of women in high heels. Can make it!

In my comparison wins the ankle boot. What do you like better?

Classic cowboy boots are excluded from the classification. You go always or never – depending on your personal style.