Ankle Boots Combinations, Looks and Tips

If your question is: are Ankle Boots still fashionable this winter? Can guarantee yours!  They remain high and leave the looks much more modern. The Ankle Boots are boots without a barrel or ankle boots, up to the ankle(ankle), and reached the catwalks around 2007 and are there until today. What is success, eh?

This model fits very well with pants, mostly skinny, leggings, skirts with pantyhose and dresses. When the model is stamped, such as animal print or different textures, opt for a more basic look that fits the colors of the print and leave the look balanced.

This type of boot is ideal for winter and can make up the look with socks and jackets, but can also be worn in summer with shorts. In the half season, the tip is to add a pantyhose to the look with shorts, basic blouses and a cardigan over the top, if you are cooler. Be careful with jumping and with the occasion when you will wear your boot. High heels combine with dresses and a medium heel can be a great addition to a jeans look.

It is worth remembering that this model requires great care, as it can flatten the silhouette, since it cuts the legs in the ankle. Girls with thicker legs can opt for a model with the barrel dug, which are those with V neckline at the ankle. The little ones also need to be careful, because the boot can give the illusion that the legs are shorter and wider. Use with looks of a single color to give unity.

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