Angel Schlesser Spring/Summer: Sailor and Minimalist

If you have a shop in which you sell models to dress ladies well, it is normal that you risk a little and give them what they ask for: day sets formed by sailor jackets with gold buttons, trousers white, classic line, etc. A lot sailor’s style, and pretty print and color to what is usually Angel Schlesser.

The day is encouraged with many irregular stripes and colors like turquoise and burnt orange. On this occasion, Angel Schlesser, has left the minimalism for the night.

The designer has shown too many variations on the same concept in some evening dresses. Dresses without form mixtures of white and silver.

It has been saved a long dress in black with a sequin sleeve and the other in the air, a game of asymmetry which was very elegant. The black monkey with bright fabric, making water, has also been the very best parade.

As a comment off the topic, for those interested in the models, IRIS It has paraded fatal with high heel shoes, a lot worse than other models with less experience and fewer tables. And we have to return again to the controversial issue of the size of the models: I don’t know if this year has been the analysis of BMI, but it should, because the thinness of one of the models was worrying. Thus it is impossible to make them well nothing. There were dresses on JACKETPANEL that fell as is from the shoulders without any grace, just a hanger.

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