An Alternative Garment: Ponchos

This fall is doing while not invited to the purchase of coats. The temperatures are still spring, environment to 20 degrees. But sooner or later will come the cold and will need to be prepared for that moment.

To withstand the low temperatures can opt for the Classic coat (the problem is that we have just tired of it in a couple of months) or opt for other options more daring and different. This autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 It is sweeping a new garment: the Peruvian poncho type.

Printed in thousands of colors, mixing stripes and drawings, these wool ponchos are an ideal garment for the more alternative girls. It is with cigarettes or thigh high boots to counter their excessive volume.

They look ponchos so stylish girls like Gala Gonzalez arrival at the Pasarela Cibeles in Ifema, or many models who photographed the streetstyle blogs.

Zara, expert in performing clones at good prices, has already taken his particular version, very similar to that sported Rihanna in shades of gray.

Pregnant women have in this piece of folk-inspired a lifeguard. Not wearing buttons and be quite broad in the front zone, you can protect the bulkier bellies thanks to their warm wool.

Also the cardigans they take forms more wide and comfortable, and with their prints greca type winter and tied at the waist get a very similar casual effect. Paul & Joe It combines it with another forced trend this year such as the thigh high boots.

What you think about this piece? Do you give it the go-ahead to this trend.? I see it too informal for depends on what situations, but it has the ideal point for when we want to get comfortable and relaxed style of the weekend. And truth, seems to protect us very well in the cold and wind dle.