Amanda Seyfried and His Publishing House “Grease” for Teen Vogue, Styling Tricks.

The magazine Teen Vogue brings in the beautiful cover Amanda Seyfried. Another great cover for the magazine teenager par excellence, who focuses on this occasion in the style of the 50’s  of Sandy y Danny Zucko

The 50’s they are fashionable since the 50’s own. Skirts with tulle, pictures, romantic blouses, Isolee evasee and glasses retro They defined a decade that us can serve as inspiration for those days that you want to upload the femininity of our look up to the sky.

!What better than a few shorts from high-waisted and a few Mary janes platform to emulate Rizzo!

If you want a collected with retro, remember the high pigtails Sandy.

Although red lips “russian network” are more typical of the 1940s, don’t forget to give a touch of color, best in Coral, one of the shades of summer.

The knotted blouses is very “fiftie”. Perfect for carrying under a dress retro flight.