Alexander McQueen Wedding Dresses

We can breathe a sigh of relief because the Sunday Times revealed the mystery on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress! Well, to draw it will be the home of high fashion Alexander McQueen … Oh well, with a name like that, it couldn’t be otherwise!

On April 29, 2011, as we know, is the day of the Royal Wedding. What is keeping everyone in suspense is knowing what will the wedding dress of Princess Kate.
Waiting to see him and to have the first “confirmations”, the one that, among the many denials, you are excited is that it will be chosen from la maison Alexander McQueen, future Queen of England.
According to the Sunday Times, that the event has dedicated the first page, then bridal gown designed by Sarah Burton, fashion designer at British fashion house leader.

On the other hand the Princess Kate is waging a good battle to assert and bring out his own style, even and especially on this occasion.
For this reason, it also seems very likely that the dress “will be a combination of the ideas in the same Kate Middleton and the deep understanding and sensitivity of Burton”.

It can’t be easy (although it can be extremely fascinating) conquer a place in the hearts of many people, especially if it is the direct heir of the “people’s Princess” Lady di. But Kate is doing really well and, even with regard to this delicate and difficult choice, you are ready to bet on her.

The Prince William, on the other hand, chose to wear a tailored shirt made from Italian English Angel, but nothing can tell us more about the stylistic choice of his future wife.
Kate Middleton anyway is already for some time become an icon of style and wouldn’t be a novelty that she designs an important dress, because already the First Lady Michelle Obama has worn recently his “killer” red dress “.

Regarding the news given by the Sunday Times it must be said that the fashion house Alexander McQeen, when the weekly asked confirmation, denied everything to voice the ceo Jonathan Akeroyd who said: “it is not true at all.”
And Burton on the same line said: “I’m the art director and I would be so aware of such a thing”.

The CNN also reported a statement from the fashion house that belonged to the famous designer, committed suicide last year, which categorically denies as it appeared on the Sunday Times!
The House’s spokeswoman, Myriam Coudoux, responded directly to CNN, disproving that Sarah Burton was working on the dress.

But we can hardly be surprised that all disprove … it wouldn’t be the first time in the love affair between William and Kate!
What appears certain is that Princess Kate definitely wants to keep the secret about the designer’s name until the day of the wedding, at Westminster. Will it succeed?