About Cardigan

Continuing to ~ renew ~ old posts, the topic today is the Cardigan. We speak here in 2010, when you even suggested posts for blog community on Orkut, deceased hahahah! Who remembers, raise your hand!

In the old post, show history and the origin of the name of this piece so timeless. Who knew that she appeared in the British officers’ uniforms, right? Well, thanks to Chanel, now she is also ours, and not only of men.

About Cardigan 1

The funny thing is that cardigan here in Brazil a part of women’s wardrobes, even though originally a male piece, hahaha.

About Cardigan 3

What was the world before without a cardigan in the closet? There’s a good story for the Globe Reporter. This jacket is perfect for our climate and mid-season – when it’s not that cold, but it’s not so hot. It is also trying to use it in layers: under a jacket, in a denim shirt, for example. It combines both with looks of work (is cute with a social shirt underneath) and compositions more deprived.

About Cardigan 2

Where to buy: suggestion is not lacking! There are gorgeous models of cardigan sweaters in fast-fashion shops, like Renner, C & A, Riachuelo, Marisa and Zara. The store BRIDGAT has cute

About Cardigan

cardigans embroidered with pearls, worth a look.