9 Customers Who Could Make Life Miserable at Best Fashion Dependent

If the other day I showed seven dependents living in tents in our country, today it’s up to the other party: the customers. And is that There are lots of variety and lot of fauna that store managers have to handle: rude, respondones, curious or simply boring. I have here 9 customers that you could do impossible life best fashion dependent.

I’m here, desordeno and I’m

Customers that his only hobby is entering a store, mess up a little and go live in the Earth. Or that or not I mean as there are people after seeing a huge pile of well placed shirts trying to catch the last making the tower is disassembled and is not nothing on your website.

Which takes a questionnaire

Do you have this kind of chquetas? You have it in khaki? And in a size M? Do you know if you are arriving with more long sleeve? It is there in a lighter fabric? Too bad! You don’t have what I want, goodbye.

There is a clientele that carries a questionnaire under dle arm and, after knocking out the dependent with a long list of questions (some of them worthy to Trivial to achieve a quesito) go as if by magic. It was real or just a vision…?

The undecided

There are undecided in the life of people. People who have clear what it wants and the remorse of conscience you atromentan every time you go shopping. That you translate? In loads of questions that end up in the same way: without going through the box and letting the garment on a coat rack completely different on the way to the door.

The rude

Everyone has a bad day, that is true. But we must not pay it with the first innocent that crosses our way, especially when it is doing its job. That is why there barking customers that ultimately do not bite… Although it seems. Bad answers, unfortunately, are often the order of the day.

Which does not leave the mobile phone ever

I remember the sign that was in the case of Joan’s on Third: will be pleased to assist you when you leave the mobile phone side. I tore off a smile of rennet: sometimes there are people who live attached to a mobile phone and they are on hands or ears. To be cared for properly first you have to serve you with quality.

Which comes to sigh (and drooling)

I admit that I’ve done: enter a shop knowing that I will go with your hands rather than empty. But sometimes admire that Celine with your own hands is already worth. But does not lack to get dizzy or make remove models and models of bags to drool over them (I think having dust covers for that).

The messy

There are people who are a mess in it comes to order. And what does each of doors for inside House is OK (live the independent Republic), but when that disorder affects others already is not well. There are customers who leave a ball Tester crowded with upside-down clothing, hangers on the floor and made t-shirts. Thus not.

Coming to hang out

What do you want to do? Are we going for a ride and getting into stores? Yes, I admit, is my favorite hobbies: strolling with friends and chat along and tended while we are dedicated to enter shops to set (and little else). I know that there are coffee shops, but these do not have both style and a shop of fashion models perfect for any occasion.

If looks kill…

This client could be related with the rude (or having a bad day). There are looks killer if they really had side effects many would be damaged… Luckily we can leave unscathed.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these 9 customers?