7 Tricks of Ironing: Tips and Techniques for Ironing

Ironing is one of the most boring things in the household. T-shirts, shirts, pants, suits… a lot of clothing that after washing and drying, inevitably must be ironed, unless it doesn’t matter you go wrinkled as a raisin.

7 Tricks of Ironing Tips and Techniques for Ironing

But, do we know how to perform this task perfectly? Has someone received a kind of ironing? Surely not.
For this reason, we are going to teach tricks and techniques for different articles of clothing that you spare time and effort. And remember that you can also review tricks to clean the house cheaply.

Lesson number one

Get an iron and an ironing board! … Yes, it seems obvious, but I know many people who attempted to iron on a table or with a hot tea, if you’re one of them, these tips fit you very well.
So, if you don’t have any of these two fundamental elements for ironing, you can ask that someone in the community TratoJusto, pay them yourself, or sell them to you for a few euros.


According to the fabric of clothes, we must press at a given temperature. For this reason, group them according to the tissue.

The silk clothing, iron on warm and upside down, with a quick pass, and can use some steam.
Wool and similar fabrics, iron hot and with several quick passes.
Cotton and flax require hot or hot plate and application of steam to moisten the article and better eliminate wrinkles.
Polyester, nylon, and acrylic fibres are ironed on warm.

Wet clothes

Before starting to iron a garment, it is advisable to moisten, to iron easier. If your iron does not have the option of sprayer, you can buy one to perform this action.


Ironing shirts, begins by the neck, from the end up to the center and edges.Secondly, iron fists. After that, well stretch the sleeves until there is no wrinkles, and iron from below upwards. Finally, iron the entire body of the shirt.


First of all, iron the pockets and waist area. Continue on the part of the legs. The ultimate ironing in trousers are the hems. When garment are pants, use a cloth of cotton on the fabric so that the brightness lasts.

Polyester clothing

Pay attention to what puts on clothes labels, sometimes there are items that can not be ironed. One such material is polyester, always check the label! Avoiding direct contact with the material, you can do no damage to the garment and remove wrinkles without problems.

A homemade trick why polyester garments are perfect, is that these are ironed upside down and very carefully.

The household linen

To start iron ties, hems… If you prefer you can fold towels or sheets before ironing. Once pressing the hems and these areas, you will have to continue with what is left of the garment.

Wrinkle resistant

To resist wrinkles from a shirt ovestido grilled, it is recommended to place a foil on the ironing board, put up, turn it and above it a cloth soaked in water with a drop of ammonia, and then it is ironed.

Surely if you follow all these tips, you will become an expert of the ironing, and will no longer go crumpled to a meeting. And if even with these tips, you manage yourself, remember that you can ask someone to throw you a hand with the iron, our app Helpy.