7 Tips To Make Summer Weddings A Success

It is convenient to celebrate the summer weddings at sunset and surprise the guests with refreshing details

Summer weddings are magical, romantic and very special because the good temperatures allow us to celebrate in almost any place, be it a beach, a castle, a beautiful forest or a hotel situated on a cliff, for example.

But what should we keep in mind when it comes to celebrating weddings in the summer? What factors can make the difference between success and failure? Follow these tips and everything will be perfect!

To protect against heat

The weather is crazy and it would not be surprising that a wedding held in July or August would end up passing by. However, the sun and high temperatures are often the protagonists of summer.

Therefore, it will be of the utmost importance that, if you celebrate your outdoor wedding, place several tents in which the guests can shelter from the heat.

Choosing locations that have large porches that provide shade can also be an excellent choice when it comes to organizing summer weddings.

Better in the afternoon
When it comes to organizing summer weddings, it is best to celebrate these beautiful events in the afternoon, as at noon the sun shines too brightly and the heat can be overwhelming and scorching. Also, giving yourself the “yes, I want” under the orange sunset mantle is really beautiful and romantic.

The ideal wedding dress

Surely you do not want to faint in the middle of your own ceremony, do you? So that this does not happen, escape the heat by choosing dresses with very light and fresh fabrics like gauze andsilk that do not suffocate or become overwhelming.

Be warned!

If you do not want your loved ones to plan a trip that coincides with the date of your wedding, tell them in time for the event, as there are many people who choose the summer season to make a getaway . Deliver the invitations four or five months before the party and you will not have any problems.

A very refreshing gift

Do you want to get off to a good start? Surprise the attendees to the link with a fan that helps them fight the heat and with a very cool lemonade or a rich fruit hail. You will be delighted!

A light menu

Cold soups, gazpachos, fruits, vegetables, cocktails, ice cream and fresh and light dishes should be the protagonists of summer wedding banquets. Nobody wants to eat a bowl of rice in the middle of August!

Long live the water!

Water is life, and more so during the summer. So place several fountains in the place where you are going to celebrate the wedding and do not forget to put several little fridges full of bottlesavailable to the guests so they can drink fresh water whenever they wish.

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