7 Tips for Short Men

First of all, know that there is no problem with being too high or too low, fatter or thinner. Often we made the mistake of comparing us with third parties and believe that our body needs to be like the other body to be accepted by society – or by women.

This is wrong. The your biotype is different and you need to embrace and accept this. When you feel comfortable in your own body, will always appear to be well-dressed and confident.

Well, with that in mind, check out our style tips for short men:

The Court is critical

Styling tips for short men

You can enjoy Bermuda wider and t-shirts well loose but, if you do not want to seem lost in the middle of these parts, pay attention to the cut of the clothes and choose those whose trim is set in your body. You’ll notice the difference when valuing a good cut.

Be well dressed makes you more confident

Styling tips for short men

This is proven by science (as we point out in this article) and you will be amazed to see how a good article of clothing can make you more confident.

We’re not saying, for example, that you need to spend a ton of money in a suit, we’re saying that you need to choose a suit with the exact measurements for the format of your body.

In addition, it is important to dress the right way for a particular occasion and this includes taking the time to think about appropriate clothing. Jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt can be an excellent choice of visual for a stroll at the Mall, but if you want to impress at a dinner party, it is better to choose another combination.

Do not use low waist pants

Styling tips for short men

This type of pants will make you even more softly and shorten your legs. So, opt for a waist high or medium, this way, the proportions of your body will keep balance.

Let the tie to the Office

Styling tips for short men

If you need to work, take care of her length: regardless of the stature of the man, the tie should end at the beginning of the belt buckle (top to bottom). Should never be too short (above the buckle) or too long (below it).

But, if you’re short, the visual shock of wearing a tie in the wrong length for being even bigger, so, watch this! A good tip is to bet on more thin ties to maintain the proportions of the trunk.

Outside the Office, avoid using. Jonathan Li, an expert in fashion of the Huffington Post, ensures that you will look more slender without a tie in your neck.

Attention to the shoes

Styling tips for short men

You can use the templates Oxford or Derby with a discreet heel, but don’t throw your garbage style with platform shoes.

Use handkerchiefs in their pockets

Styling tips for short men

If you are in any event to ask a formal attire, you can bet on the folded handkerchief in the pocket of the suit. This tip is also valid for more traditional corporate Visual!

Besides being an extremely elegant strategy, you will direct the look at the top half of your body and, in an optical effect, will make you look taller.

Understand what color suits you

Styling tips for short men

It may seem laborious but, when you discover the colors ideal for your skin tone, a new world will open before your eyes.

We will help you to understand if your skin tone is warm or cold, think for you it’s easy to get burned (not tanned) on the Sun, Yes? So, your skin tone is cold.

You look better in gold or silver parts (make an effort and try to think about parts that follow those shades)? If you combine more with gold parts, your skin tone is warm.

To find it, you can opt for colors that favor you:who Tan easily, for example, combines with shades of blue.

Using this strategy will make you more confident in your clothes and, consequently, the entire look is going to be more harmonious.