7 Things You Shouldn’t Wear with Leggings

Due to your silhouette adjusted, when the matter is there are a few ground rules of legging style that make her a most appropriate piece for every occasion, what ends up making a little less democratic than other items of our closet. But how, in addition to ultra comfortable, they are now one of the darlings of the fashion girls, we think she deserves a little effort to get them to work in any situation (and the Academy) and let them super cool.

To leave your absurdly stylish legging the way the celebs do, it all depends on what you really suit her. And we’ll tell you 7 things you should avoid in time to compose your looks with the play and still give some suggestions on what to use to not run the risk of making mistakes in production. So grab a pen and paper, write down all these tips and get ready to become an expert of looks with leggings and learn what not to use:


What to wear:

Because they are two pieces too tight, the body may end up getting marked by leggings, so the two together are not a reliable combo. Instead, choose a tight tank top and a jacket or shirt tied at the waist.


What to wear:

Although very versatile, the legging is essentially a sports piece, then combine it with that top of paet that you use for the ballad may not be a good idea. To give up on a play and leave it less sporty, prefer a different jacket and more interesting, as a bomber, a Jean jacket or leather, or even an oversized kimono.


What to wear:

Leggings typically harmonize best with shoes without heel (less with slippers, they make the look seem sloppy), since a high heels can leave the play a little too sexy. But you can leave them ultra stylish with a pair of sneakers, boots or moccasins, which are error-proof options.


What to wear:

The fashion for dresses and skirts overlaid with leggings stood there in the years 2000, then forget to turn this trend. If you want a little more coverage, choose t-shirts and shirts longer or sweaters and oversized coats to give a modernized the look.


What to wear:

We hardly ever see a celebrity matching leggings with a sports bag. That’s because the look would be sporty too much, so they always opt for a purse more cool to raise the piece and leave it less random and more suitable for a non-sports look.


What to wear:

Many celebs and fashion girls loves to combine croppeds with leggings, but mostly they play a longer jacket on the combo to balance the look and make it more modest. But if it’s still out of your comfort zone, you can dispense with the crop top and compose the look with just a jacket and leave it closed.


What to wear:

As well as the ballad sweaters are not very suitable for leggings, accessories statement follow the same rule and leave the look kind of weird. Avoid the maxi paste and invest in bijoux minimalist and discreet to keep producing more delicate.