7 Reasons to Buy Vintage Madame

You like the retro and vintage style? Looking for accessories that express your style and you don’t find anything? Or when it finds, are those same products sold on websites of China? Or even find someone to produce and sale … But these people do not offer a site with safe and easy purchase. So I’m going to give you 7 reasons to buy Vintage Madame.

1) Secure Shopping Site -we have a secure shopping site with secure payment systems and known in the market: BCash, Moip and PayPal. These systems allow payment with credit card and check. You won’t run the risk of making a bank deposit and do not receive the product. The purchase is comfortable and easy on our website, which has information about all products. Payment systems also guarantee your money back, with the possibility of opening a dispute. But you won’t need it because …

2) better service -we guarantee to solve any problem you may have with your purchase. Our customers always rave about our service and our attention to customer service. We took all the questions of our customers, we follow the postal delivery, to ensure that the product will arrive on time and in perfect condition to you according to Calculatorinc.

3) best offer -the best offer is not just the lowest price. The offer is all that is offered to the customer in a shopping experience. The offer includes price, good service, information, consulting, support and answers to your questions. We charge a fair price for the market value, which is accessible and also pays fairly for our work, which is handmade.

4) Content -Only Madame Vintage cares to bring the best content for you. Show the history of the accessories, show you how to use your product, get information. I show you products and details on video for you, explain the history of each attachment and show finish. Most people who sell retro and vintage accessories are not doing so at present. I put my face here to show you who I am and that you can trust in my work.

5) added value -we always qualify, learning new techniques and researching new materials. The products are unique. I don’t like copy competing products. Even though competition similar to our products for sale, our own unique style. I do historical research for all products that confecciono. Instead of copying products from competition, I search and use accessories of photos and videos of the time as a reference and inspiration to create my products. Our products are always created from a concept of fashion and style. They are planned. And explain exactly what time one or other accessory being used and how. You still receive conservation recommendations along with your product; and our hats come with cloth bag and sachet anti mold. Our products are all handmade and don’t work with resellers. We are working hard with unique pieces and our products are unique.

6) Finishing -I Only show here, on video, for you the back of accessories, and finishing them. Our flowers are not those flowers with plastic parts. Plastic parts, with time and exposure to heat, dry and break. Our petals are all sewn together, and the flowers are made with different techniques from each other. Our pistils are pistils acrylic mass and never plastic parts. Sometimes, I also Dick flowers, to achieve the desired color.

7) Data Security -I have already spoken about the safe purchase on our site, but it never hurts to emphasize some points: we have not received your financial data, such as bank account number or credit card. The financial transaction is all on account of payment systems. We received just the delivery address. We also have the commitment to our customers and we guarantee that we will not use your personal information, such as name and address, so commercial.

In short:only the Madame Vintage offers you the best offer, with good service and fair price. So you can realize your dream of being that woman with the style of past decades, and all this without having to worry or have headaches with your purchase. And not only that: you will acquire an exclusive product, handmade, and will know his story and know how to use it. We believe that our customers are special, and not just a number.

Watch the video and check out! Clarify your doubts!