5 Vintage Thrift Stores Online for You to Save

Some stores with physical stores in SP deliver in all regions of Brazil

Today’s young man revisits the past in many ways, such as dressing.”Being vintage” is being fashionable.The problem is finding cheap and beautiful clothes that have this old style.

Therefore, Economize has selected five thrift stores with retro products that you can buy without leaving home – online according to themeparktour.com.


Considered one of Brazil’s most important thrift stores, B.Luxo Vintage emerged in 2006 and had its first physical store in 2007. Most of the items are mined by owners in the United States and Europe.You can find women’s and men’s pieces, as well as accessories, books, magazines and decorative objects.


The Vintage Box was created in 2013 by a couple in love with fashion.The brechó sells rare and exotic pieces and all are sold for a maximum of R $ 40.00.


The brechó sells exclusive men’s and women’s pieces with the intention of collaborating with the conservation of the environment.All the clothes have a retro style, from the bags to the sweaters.


Although the store does not have its own website, it is possible to make the purchase online through facebook following the instructions given on the page.Several photos of the same product are available so the consumer is sure of what they are buying.The pieces for sale include shoes, dresses, glasses and many others.


With 24 years of tradition, it is one of the most consecrated vintage stores in Brazil.The pieces are retro style, but most are from upscale brands.There are men’s and women’s clothing, costume jewelry, shoes, children’s clothing, bags, decorations and other accessories.