5 Vintage Pieces That Came Back with All

Vintage always resurfaces and sets. More and more pieces that today we use as trends have similar styles to those used in the years 60, 70 for our mothers. Is that the retro trend draws attention and allows us to create unique and different looks.

Don’t miss the vintage pieces come with everything and are super trendy!

The lace blouses

The rent is a vintage trend comes appearing in many celebrity looks, whether in blouses, dresses or skirts, no doubt is a style that is back in fashion.

Metallic pants

In the Decade of 80, the metallic were a big furor and today this trend is repeated. Metallic pants are a vintage piece that came back for color and style to your clothes.

The long flap hats

If we talk about accessories, besides the oversized sunglasses and handbags of the type case, the long flap hats are the new fashion trend.

Elegant, attractive and for any kind of look, and is a great option to embed in your clothing.

Midi dresses

The dress and the midi skirt is another vintage trend that came back to stay. Allows us to get the feminine and elegant looks for the day, go to work or any event that you want to be attractive and stylized.

Velvet pants

Velvet is also a trend that’s here to stay. Can be used in skirts or dresses and even if it isn’t very popular even in pants. It is ideal to be worn with blouses or tops and give a unique touch to your look.

Nowadays, the retro style and vintage parts are high. The key is to learn how to combine it with the current pieces and come up with original and modern looks with a lot of style.

How about adding a vintage piece to your closet?