5 Things You Don’t Know About Bra

We will try to clarify the most frequent questions when choosing the ideal bra.

1. How Do I Choose My True Size?

In Spain, the standard size is French, which is marked on labels like “ESP” or “FRA” and is measured in inches.
The BRA size consists of a number and a letter. The first, to outline; and the second refers to the size of the Cup.

To find out your true size simply measure your outline with a tape measure chest just below the chest. The retrieved value, you must add 15. The resulting figure will be your size, which often go to the 115 75 or more and advancing from 5 in 5, so choose the closest to your needs.
The letters, ranging from A up to E, indicate the size of the Cup, the volume of the chest. To know what is yours measure your chest for the most voluminous part (normally, the areola) and subtract your outline what measures before add the 15 cm. It will be A if a difference of 12 to 14 cm; B if it is 14-16 cm; the C, 16-18… This measure when you don’t rule making, since the chest can be more swollen. If you have something fallen chest, measure yourself with a bra since that does not have filler.
2. How Do I Know If The Bra I Have Is Right?

The part of the BRA that actually holds the weight of the chest is the band that surrounds the torso, so this must be as tight as you can but not be uncomfortable.Check that it is perfectly aligned for all around and well supported both front and back. If Strip separates you from the body in the area between the cups or you can fit more than two fingers between the Strip and the body in the back, such as contour is not correct. As for the Cup, to make it right, you have to collect the chest without pressing it even overflow above the Cup.Take a look at that side coverage is also correct, must not leave love handles on the sides of the cups, below the armpit.
3. How Do I Know If The Cup Fits My Chest?

The trick to know is, once placed the BRA, bend at a 90 degree angle and balance towards the sides, shoulders and chest.Returning to Ponte upright chest must be perfectly positioned and adjusted to the cup of the BRA. Another thing that can help is a t-shirt set up the BRA. This garment which adheres to your skin will show bumps protruding in glasses that are too small, or the visible edges of the Cup in a bra that your chest do not fill completely.
4 Why Have Three Hooks Close?

Using it is inevitable that gum that surrounds the chest give. Therefore, when you buy a bra should stay perfect when you attach the hooks first, and then you’ll already squeezing as it wears. The system works in reverse when you’re pregnant: you put it in the smallest and you’re releasing it as you grow chest.
5. What Type Of Bra I Favors?

It is another important point, since maybe the size is correct but cutting support not suits you well. If your breast is small and wide at its base are you better type balconette Bras or Demi Cup, that is enough open side up and with the straight cut. Also they sit you well of cutting triangle without rings.

If, on the other hand, your chest is large and with a base to narrow, more tubular shape, it might be something fallen out of shape and then interested bra with hoops, with well separated cups and full chest cover.

The figure is surprising. According to report from PICKTRUE, 70% of Spanish women has no bra size that suits you. The confusion created by the wide variety of contours, cups and models seems to be behind this mistake. Through this article, i hope you can find the bra size that suits you.