5 Best Cheap North Face Jackets

Bienvenid@s to our guide to the top 5 cheap North Face jackets !.

When choosing a shelter to spend the months of cold, we must take into account several aspects. Only city? Sports in winter? Snow? Wind? These are details which we appreciate depending on the use that we you will give to the garment.

The North Face is one of the most important brands of the market in the manufacture of coats by design and technology.


Yes, technology. Because the technology can also be used in clothing products. At the end of this article you will learn the different technologies used by this company, and you will learn how you can help to reduce cold and face extreme temperatures.

The North Face, a leading brand in sports fashion

1966 Doug Tompkins creates the company The North Face. In its early days it stands as a small shop of ski and hiking in San Francisco, California. Since then, the company’s mission has remained intact: offer his fans the best outdoor equipment, supporting the protection of the unexplored sites, and promoting a global movement of exploration of the outside world. Today, in 2017, eight decades later, the company continues to grow and accompanying adventurers in his great mission of exploring the world.

Upon hearing this, already we can enter into a more detailed analysis to find out what are the 5 best jackets The North Face cheap.

We hope that I will be useful this analysis and that after reading it have clear which is the option that suits you or which is most interested in.

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5 best North Face jackets cheap of the moment

The North Face Gotham Jacket – mens jacket M

The North Face Gotham jacket is a coat designed for men and thought to Harbor and isolate the cold in situations of low temperatures. It is made from a woven cotton with HyVent 2 L (tissue faille).

At equipment level, 550 cuins feather filling provides a great warmth to the chest and back area. As removable plug-in we find a hood with a border of faux leather that can be detachable. The part of the cuffs and hem the bottom of the jacket are piping knitted elastic so that they conform well to the cuffs and waist measurement and, thus, do not miss the cold.

The jacket includes several pockets on the sides, another one of the sleeves and chest. Inside the shelter, we found another hidden pocket ideal for the car keys, house keys, wallet, mobile phone or any other object that we want to bring more protected.

The inside pocket is particularly suitable for electronic devices since it is manufactured with rubber logo and includes a cable output, ideal to remove the headset from your mobile phone.

At a general level, we can say that you it’s a product with a very good finish in the design. It is a jacket of quality that offers great comfort in conditions of cold and a nice touch, especially thanks to the hairs of the hood made from synthetic material.

The North Face Resolve Insulated

The main feature that we find in The North Face Resolve jacket is versatility: useful to dress in city, useful to wear in the snow, useful for clothing in the mountain and useful to wear in the rain.

The outside is coated nylon Ripstop and is resistant to scratches and bumps, something very useful for when we esquiemos or practice sport in the snow. The jacket seams are sealed, so that snow and rain will not filter through them.

On the inside of the jacket we find a mesh reinforcement to increase the protection of the body in situations of low temperatures. The part of the neck is fitted with a surface combed all your around, offering greater comfort.

When we use a jacket like this for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, one of our main concerns can be sweat that accumulates in our bodies. With this model there will be no problem, as it is intended to do so. The North Face Resolve jacket offers a high level of breathability thanks to design technologies that allow the evacuation of moisture from the body. Another advantage that draws our attention and that we like this design is that it bends and compresses very easily, so we can keep it in your pocket, backpack… and have it at hand when rain or snow threaten.

Other technical aspects that we can not forget of this model are that it includes two hand pockets and other two pockets of security for hands with zipper; features an adjustable hood that we can save at any time the neck; a central front zipper closure velcro and an adjustment in the part cord-reinforced lower hem.

Resolve model is found in several colours: black, blue, red and Brown.

The The North Face jacket mens Highland for EU

On the jacket The North Face Highland model we find a lightweight design to deal with any kind of adventure in the mountains while the weather affect us. This jacket features a set of waterproof insulation that keeps the inside chest and back dry at all times.

Other technical aspects that we will see below, include mesh lining incorporated with the wrap, which offers insulation of 80 g Heatseeker technology, located on the inside of the coat shell Ripstop. This one is made with HyVent system, which is waterproof, breathable and seam sealed.

On the side of the hood, we found a fully adjustable CAP that you can fold and save on the part of the neck. In this way we can remove protruding elements when we make sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Likewise, the part of the front zipper comes reinforced thanks to a velcro closure that allows that wind, water and moisture do not seep towards the inside of the fabric.

As striking aspects we find another small pocket on the front of the shelter. This Pocket is very useful to save anything that we need to have at any time by hand (mobile phone, wallet…). Using this pocket on the front to avoid open central zipper jacket to find objects in the interior of the shelter. In this way, we maintain at all times the heat inside the body.

This model of jacket can be found in two colors, both in dark tone: on the one hand, in black; on the other hand, in a dark blue stylish.

The North Face Jacket Sangro

The jacket The North Face Sangro is a coat dress in our day by day and cold conditions are extreme. It’s one of The cheapest North Face jackets that we find in the market.

This model acts as a Windbreak thanks to DryVent technology, which we could translate as a dry wind. Similarly, The North Face Sangro acting on our body such as waterproof and breathable garment.

In the back of the jacket, we find a hood, also waterproof, which can be folded and stored in the neck area. In this way, we avoid to take supplements that may be annoying during sunny days.

Aside, in this model, we find two hand pockets with zipper closure, which will allow us to store personal belongings in a secure manner. One of the aspects which we must bear in mind is that with outside pockets, as we have mentioned a few lines above, we avoid having to open the coat and that, therefore, the heat stored in the body and under the coat to escape.

THE NORTH FACE jacket Thermoball Full Zip – Jacket

Within the range of jackets from The North Face feather-composed, the Thermoball is one of the options that has convinced us more and more has drawn attention.

A priori, even if it is a fabric made from feathers, it’s a jacket that occupies and weighs very little, but that works flawlessly to cold. This garment is very useful for people that live and enjoy the mountain, to live in the city. Isolation Thermoball technology offers a high degree of warmth even if the fabric gets wet.

By way of reinforcement, this jacket features a Shell very light weight, but tough Ripstop. Other aspects that we must take account of this design is the active cut offering, the central zipper closure of dogtooth, pockets for the hands, the elastic cuff and hem cinch cord-covered under, which prevents cold and water are introduced into the body.

When we keep the jacket, we can fold it onto itself and store it in its own pocket, so the coat becomes a small package to transport and store easily. We can find The North Face Thermoball in various colours: black, white, Navy Blue, Orange and red.


As we said in the first lines of this article, the Californian company is characterized by applying the maximum innovation and improved technologies to their products. Here are some of them and what can offer you.

  • Technology Thermoball. Thermoball technology is regarded as the “new synthetic alternative to filling with pen”. There are several models of jackets The North Face which are created from a feather filling. The main difference to the continuous filaments from synthetic isolates of traditional shelters are the small round cells PrimaLoft which offers us this innovation. This lies in a greater capacity of the shelter to retain heat at all times within the body.
  • Technology Dryvent. When we speak of the Dryvent technology, we are talking about an outer layer that acts as a repellent water that reaches the surface of the coat and protects against abrasion, while the inner layer channels the steam towards the outer layer. The end result is an exceptional waterproof and breathable technology that keeps the fabric dry from the inside out.
  • Technology FuseForm. The new FuseForm of The North Face clothing uses advanced production techniques that permit to weave two different materials in a single fabric. By eliminating the margins, thread and tapes of traditional seams, making FuseForm creates clothing lighter, less bulky, more resistant and durable, with a more modern and clean look, inside and out. The main advantages offered by this technology are the greater freedom of movement and a much more modern and avant-garde thanks to seamless fabrics design.
  • Technology HyVent. This technology consists of a reinforcement of quality polyurethane on the outside of the garment that provides extreme waterproof, breathable protection.

All The North Face jackets made with pen are composed of, only top quality Hungarian goose down according to INTERNETIEST. Each batch is subjected to several tests during the production phases in order to check the quality, resistance and ability to regain the padded structure after compressing them. These coats of feathers include various types of thickness and size, possessing greater or less insulating capacity of the cold.