4 Tips to Choose the Dress of the Bride

We are at the height of weddings, celebrations, communions… already you have gone through some? Even so, there are still the months of summer and early autumn ahead, always very prolific for such events.

Brides are always the first to buy dress but godmothers, guests, familyrush… a little more dates. Today to dedicate this space of Dream Day to the bridesmaids, another of the main characters of weddings which often come to our shop in Valladolid with a common question what to wear? What will it take? do I have to keep in mind if I’m the bride?

Here are some tips to make the mother of the groom also shine in this unique day

Tips For Choosing The Outfit Or Dress Mother Of The Bride

Respects your personal style. We already know that typically you do not saw with these suits or dresses, but it is very important that the costume you choose reflects your personality, adapts to what you really are and you feel comfortable with this. Choose colors that go with your skin tone, with your face, find the length of the skirt that you better have left. Don’t get carried away by comments or that you mareen. Get advice from a professional, who explain what colors are most, fabrics, accessories… and on that create your unique set!

Together with the groom. If you want to give a different touch, choose a tone being set with what your son chooses luciréis spectacular! But not you you obsessions. Looking for elements that can provide you with contrasts and to capture the attention: unique headdresses, shoes that stand out, accessories that break with the rest of the set. If you have information that other guests will take, take advantage of it to avoid repeating tone or create harmony.

Can I go short? course! Away from the topics of long evening dress, Shorty if the wedding day, it is important that you choose a model that really enhances you as a bride. You why go long if you don’t? Will you be comfortable with that skirt that limits your movements? Can you bring that pamela? Luxurious fabrics, pastel shades, jackets half-sleeve, lace, elegant decorations give you… a distinguished touch that rivals the length of dresses.

Religious or civil wedding does influence? It is not the way of the ceremony which marks the clothing, but the tone of the wedding itself. Currently many bride and groom who choose to marry civilly opt for ceremonies as pompous as a wedding by the Church.Therefore, coordinate you well for the bride and groom to not stand by a bad choice in dress.
In any case, the best recommendation is always the bride to leave is advice from a professional. Spend time and try different models, advised by experts. Dream DayValladolid we have dresses and bride costumessection. Appointment requests and our partners with more than fifteen years of experience in fashion wedding in Valladolid will guide you to be the most beautiful bride!