4 tips on Women’s Sweaters That Are Trend

It is deceiving who thinks that dressing well is mere futility. Only the woman understands the power of a brand new look.  In addition to updating the wardrobe, some models of women’s blouses are capable of doing wonders to self-esteem. It also serves to improve people’s perceptions.

For example, being well dressed at work makes other people feel that you are organized and competent. Just like in the ballad, being neat is the key to impressing the person you’re watching.

That’s why we’ve prepared some 2016 trends on women’s blouses with photos and examples of looks to ruin you wherever you go. Enjoy:

Blouse for work

As said: what you wear translates your professional image into the company. So it is good to caprichar in the daily looks. Regardless of your function, it is important to avoid exaggerated necklines, shorts, transparencies and so on. Even if all this is fashionable.

The look for work should be professional, but not forget the comfort. If you do not like to be extremely formal, our tip is to bet on a loose long sweater like this one in cotton that for being basic, goes with everything and allows the use of a coat without having that discomfort of being in many layers of clothing.

As in the photo, this blouse can be used both in a look for work and with a shorts to go at happy hour after work. After all, versatility never goes out of style.

If your work environment is more laid back and allows for more daring, we have an incredible blouse that follows the chess trend. She goes super well with a destroyed jeans, country vibe boots and a more bare-knuckle backpack.

Blouse for party

Not just appointments is the week. Thank goodness Friday is always at the door and with it comes the chance to go out to have fun and ruin a perfect look for the ballad. This is the time to wear that sweater that will highlight the best of you.

A great choice is this blouse with lace, transparency and décolleté. In addition to having a cut that highlights the silhouette, it features a slit in the back and lace: the combination of two features of fashion. The blouse combines with a shorts curt or miniskirt, look for a shoe that is beautiful, but that will not force you to return home early. Bet on colored or metallized combinations to contrast with the blouse.

Casual blouse

To stroll or go to some casual event, it is necessary to put on a comfortable look, but that is in good taste. For this occasion, we indicate the top cropped trend through this t-shirt style tank top. It combines super good with sneakers or sandals, jeans shorts and some accessories like that bag more bare.

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