4 Definitive Tips For Wearing Leggings

Leather Or Black Leggings

It is the most rescued and can take you out of more trouble in a day of nerves or indecision, we can use it for the most casual or glamorous moments, it only depends on how we combine them.

Either with an oversize oversized sweater or a baggy blouse and a slightly tighter jacket leaving the blouse playing with the layers (something very important in the world of fashion) can also be combined with a few heels being Very dressy this look if we add a corset in the upper part that we can complement with a matching jacket tightly tight. As you can see there are many combinations for leather or black Leggins adding all kinds of accessories such as belts, necklaces, handbags.

You can also play with these same combinations with leggings of dark colors, but as a picture is worth more than a thousand words I leave you a video where you can see only a small part of all possible outfits with this type of leather or black leggings.

Short Leggins Or Pirates

They are the most used in summer since they combine well with sandals or flip flops, they are also very popular in gyms and any sports. But you have to take into account several factors when using these leggings Pirates as they reduce the figure looking like it decreases the height.

They are ideal for tall and thin women or for any woman who knows how to combine them in summer or to practice any sport.

Embossed Leggings

Leggins for the most daring and at the same time the most risky, this type of printed fabrics are increasingly popular and increasingly varied whether they are ethnic prints, geometric, floral, military, animal print etc. We have prepared this article to give you several ideas, the main premise is to always combine them with mini dresses or shirts with neutral tones at the top (unless you look a chord) and simple shoes, sandals or boots.

I leave a video in ClothingExpress with more examples so that you do not lack ideas when combining any type of printed Leggings.

Jeans Leggings Jeggins

Although they are not the same garment when combining them are very similar, both jeans jeans and Jeggins have a description very similar to the one already given above on leather leggings, as they are very helped and jeans are still If it fits more time than the leggings in our closet little to say of how to combine them since it would be exactly the same as a tight cowboy trousers only one has to consider the type of material of the meshes to use a type of sweater, jacket or blouse Or other type of garment and always be clear that they are leggings and that you have to be careful when wearing tight garments on the top but can combine perfectly with a semi-tight shirt, short brown leather jacket and high boots or semi-boots with calzetín Thick protruding. Here are some examples.

This year is also very fashionable broken jeans and colored jeans and we can use that trend with our Jeggins jeans and jeans.