35 Dos and Don’ts, How to Wear Flat-Soled Shoes to Skirts and This Slim Look

Now you see them everywhere on the catwalks and in fashion media: women who wear skirts with flat shoes. Often there are even wide MIDI-skirts, with male positioned with thick soles and – caution! -short socks can be combined. But also pencil skirts and even the “little black dress” be combined now particularly pleased by the Stylist of this world with flat slippers, ballerinas, loafers, Brogues or sneakers. So much first of all: One such outfit combination is never sleeker look than you are. But there are some figure tips on how you can wear a skirt with flat shoes and thus put to not too much Visual weight. If you are so to the readers who can wear high shoes and still in the rock chic would look like, you can apply these DOS and don’ts.

The problem: Flat shoes to skirts shorten legs and larger feet.

Nothing bad is to wear flat shoes, skirts. You forgive is just the chance to win by a shoe with a heel to the leg length. Thus the simplest way to stretch your body, overall slimmer to work and to compensate for your vertical proportions do not. If but a few more awkward style factors are added, they can be also quickly more or less with flat shoes to rock than you really are. And that no one actually wants, or?

The trick is it so, to prevent what appears your legs in addition shorter or more powerful in the outfit and omit all, what squeezes her figure as a whole or adversely carries on. In return, they appear even slimmer, even with flat shoes to rock the more you by other styling tricks extend your legs, slim and stretch your body as a whole.

In addition, that feet in flat shoes appear larger. So if you live on big foot, be sure in addition, visually to shrink your feet–especially if you carry it to the rock!

With this in mind the following DOS and Don’ts arise, how they wear flat-soled shoes to rock and are thus still slim.

The Don’ts

  1. Avoid shoes with round or square Cap.
  2. Avoid shoes, the the Rist complete or cover a large part of it.
  3. Wear no shoes, ranging up to the ankle, or even up to the widest part of the calf.
  4. Wear no boots or ankle boots, which are very much tailored to the shackles.
  5. Avoid shoes with coloured bright stepped Cap.
  6. The thicker the soles of your shoes, the more your legs are compressed optically.
  7. Wear no shoes with a sole in contrasting colour to the upper – especially when the sole is light.
  8. Avoid shoes with lots of eye-catching details, like cross straps, clasps, gemstone embellishments and so on, which increase the Visual weight on the feet.
  9. Wear no shoes in a very different, contrasting color to your stockings or the colour of your leg.
  10. Avoid socks hems that protrude out of the shoes. These form an additional horizontal line and shortening the leg – especially if they are kept also in contrasting shoe or leg.
  11. Wearing no tights in contrasting colour to the shoe or the rock.
  12. Avoid pantyhose or stockings with bright color, pattern, or stronger surface structure.
  13. Wear no long hem, especially if he ends up amounting to the calves.
  14. Are not very wide skirt, which is considerably longer than knee-length. The rock is next, the stronger you seem altogether where the effect with the skirt length is.
  15. Avoid a more than hüftlanges top that is worn over a long skirt. This dramatically shortens the legs and makes smaller.
  16. The meltdown is a long, wide top, which is worn over a far cut skirt. This silhouette is overall the most.


  1. Wear shoes with pointed or mandelförmiger Cap.
  2. Choose shoes that little or as little as possible covering the instep and are cut almost down to the toes.
  3. Sure in slippers, that the shoe blade is not too long and has side based on a gap in the direction of CAP – that makes the foot leaner and slightly extended leg.
  4. Wear loafers or slipper, whose shoe blade has the same color as your legs or stockings.
  5. Wear shoes with dark stepped Cap if you have very big feet to make them appear smaller.
  6. Choose shoes with a dark sole or a sole in the same color as the leather upper.
  7. Wear shoes with a possible thin sole.
  8. Wear as simple shoes, without flashy embellishments.
  9. Wear high boots that come up to below the knees and everywhere – snug on the bondage.
  10. Wear your shoes with a solid tights or stay-ups, never with socks.
  11. Combine shoes of the same color as your legs or your stockings.
  12. Wearing only tights, which are monochromatic and whose Oberfläche is as dark, matte and smooth.
  13. Optimize your outfit with pantyhose, which have the same color shoes and skirt.
  14. Wear skirts an inch above the knee or just below the knee, at the narrowest point of the lower leg, ending. As a general rule: the shorter your skirt, the longer your legs with flat shoes work.
  15. Preferably, choose skirts, which are narrowly tailored or as a whole have little volume.
  16. Wear skirts, tailored waist-high.
  17. Combine shells that maximum range up to the hip bone or be inserted into the waistband to your skirt.
  18. Combine tops, which are rather close to the figure and cut without too much volume in your outfit.
  19. Combine only wide tops or tops, which are worn over the Federal Government, if you wear a very tight skirt.

With these tips, which can observe at your whim or just disregard, you decide how much optical weight produces your shoe / skirt combination overall. And you have evidence, how you can reduce this optical weight about the colours and cuts of your clothes again. Two examples make it clear that:

Example 1: They carry a full MIDI skirt and want to wear this flat lace-up shoes?

  • Choose simple lace-up shoes with a possible thin sole in the same color of the shoe. If you have smaller feet, choose a shoe shape with pointed Cap. If you have wider feet, choose a dark two-tone lace-ups with a slightly contrasting, dark almond-shaped Cap.
  • Keep consistent the shoe and sock color (maybe even with the skirt color) dark or at least in the same brightness value.
  • To attract no additional socks.
  • Leave the clothing figure close to your upper body and insert tops in the waistband. Alternatively: Enter maximum stockings tops over the Bund.

Example 2: You want to wear a knee-length pencil skirt with a flat slipper?

  • Pay attention to a shoe blade that is not too high and has side slits. Select a tip or almond-shaped Cap. With big feet make sure that the Slipper has as more cross stitching or cross accents in the toe area, to reduce the foot.
  • Stay with inconspicuous, neutral or monochrome decorations – if you choose to not already very simple slipper. Keep the sole thin and dark.
  • Select shoes in the color of the skirt or tights – the darker, matter and smoother, so much the better.
  • Your lower body is simple, dark and monochrome, the farther and longer your upper part may be cut, without applying too much.

You see, the more you can avoid the above Don’ts and you integrate more of the DOS in your outfit, the thinner is the look overall.

Or: Forget all the slender tips and make a fashion statement!

However, if you want to make a fashion statement and look like the women in the glossy magazines, you ignore all above tips. You have the broadest MIDI skirt, you can find best the most striking, klobigsten loafers, lace-up shoes, slip-ons, sneakers, or biker boots. To do this, you combine white ankle socks and a thick oversize long sweater. In the worst case, you have then expected, have asked to be taken to why you like from your friends. In the best case, they are discovered by a Streetstyle photographer who wants to make sure scan for his blog…

I myself will move probably how most – with my look – in the Golden middle. I shall sacrifice probably a bit slim on the altar of fashion, but with enough mindfulness, to agree to not too many optical kilos. My black lace-up shoes and black pencil skirt with knee length wait together with opaque black stockings on their autumn use.

How will you decide? Wear flat-soled shoes to rock and in what combination? Do you have an own trick, combining flat shoes with skirts? I’m glad your supplements and tips!