3 Models of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

The slippers have come to stay. And you don’t want to separate yourself from them. Because in J´hayber we have one for every occasion in which wear you sneakers is the best option.

Forget about take them just to go to the gym or to accompany the tracksuit. Immersed fully in the autumn, do you think that the time to renew your wardrobe now is? So don’t forget to footwear and take note of these three models of slippers that we present today and which should not be missing in your wardrobe.

The excuses are over, it’s time to return to get back in shape! Yes, we know that much for operation bikini 2017 remains. But we are going to give you the best reason to start already exercising: our running shoes. So if you go to the gym as if you prefer to run in the open air, this model is perfect for you. What makes it so special? Your light floor to facilitate movement, vents that enhance breathability and the rubber on the front as reinforcement. Because these shoes are made to last a long time. In addition, thanks to its modern, fun and casual you can use it also with a pair of jeans to enjoy them in your free time. You only have to worry about choosing the color that you like.

The following model that we want to talk to you today what we have designed thinking of those women do not like to go unnoticed and also love to stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion. Is your case? So these shoes are for you. Design and comfort come together thanks to the combination of materials with metallic to create a special shoe. With jeans, dress or skirt, its elegant design is perfect for a casual look but with a special touch that got the attention of the world. Join the trend of the time and dress up your feet with some metallic sneakers.

And by the end we made a model of shoe special for us. And certainly that for many of you too it. Because maybe you already have one in your closet or perhaps you remember them because your best friend had a. They are authentic. They are off-road. They are the mythical J’ j’hayber! Yes, we are talking about the New track in white and blue. A classic 80’s made in skin 100%, with groundwater nubuck national. With floor of polyurethane for an greater comfort and grip, reinforced toe, insulating floor and non-slip sole. The classics never die and these shoes are more alive than ever to jump this season… and many more.

Three unique for all shoes any occasion that you need comfort without sacrificing design. Because in J’ j’hayber want to accompany you in all those moments that are special to you.