Penelope Cruz Is Attached to Boots High Fashion

Apparently no matter which Penelope Cruz is no longer as a designer for Mango, together with her sister Monica, much less that they have replaced it by Scarlett Johansson. What is important is that the Spanish is that it destroys your street looks and that it is still a Bonbon as Bardem by boyfriend.

And what of the street looks enough to corroborate it seeing that it has come twice this week and goes for another one to join the Group of famous to the saga of the trends with soaring type leggings boots. Sometimes I even wonder if Pe is not reading Jezebel and following our advice, because first they were stripes and now the shoe.

What is the cross does not need many clothes because apparently black and white are two of their weapons and took these Gucci high boots leather of suede with a paqueros ultrajustados, a white shirt with black edge and a blazer with satin lapels. Or in his absence by a look total-black. His hair is still one of my envy and the truth is that the main character in broken embraces looks great. Another idea to wear these boots that many believe impossible.

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