Guess Who… Committed This Crime against The Fashion (VI)

These summer days are for many lucky days holiday and rest on the beach. And what better way to relax hobbies. Our particular pastime are the guess who, which make you to eat you head trying to figure out the famous question that lurks under the mystery.

On this occasion we bring a woman who despite look a Valentino, It skidded off at a gala held a few years ago and how.

Not always a Valentino dress It is synonymous with restrained and timeless elegance. Those sleeves and that high neck make look like a snowman Michelin women of which we speak. The transparencies and the gold of the dress are completely over, the fabric seems freshly taken from dynasty curtains. An uncomfortable suit sure that you made her regret the choice throughout the night.

Edited with photo and solution.

As always, You can see the solution in 24 hours, but surely then you have very clarita solution, I know that ye are about authentic axes of our riddles.

I believe that this time has been easy, lol. Of course, it was of Sarah Jessica Parker accompanied by the “fondón” Matthew Broderick.

Indeed, as you join, dress earned points without bolero.

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