Rachel Bilson and Her Style in New York Fashion Week

It is cute mona and thanks to its graceful and what a silhouette is pretty with anything: to Rachel Bilson no need you to be high to make their legs stand out. Day, tends to pull the torn shorts to look good and be comfortable, and to attend some event, such as parades and festivities of the week’s New York fashion, dresses and skirts of flight, high waist and high heels without exaggeration.

Of your style notably, basically the simple What is and who knows to use the addons. Always the righteous and necessary as we can see through their election at the premiere of Coco Before Chanel. A maxi-collar to base of huge stones Green breaks the black monochrome strategically.

Although it will plant a set of the most rococo signed by Brian Reyes and makes him an outfit almost-grunge.

Or embroider a multicolored dress kaleidoscopic virtually undeterred effect.

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