Front-Row and Parties in New York Fashion Week: Day 2 &Amp; 3

We are following closely the alternative fashion circuit that unfolds outside the catwalks but raising so much or more interest to new trends; more famous is the designer or more powerful brand that it houses, the celebrities in question are more numerous and higher is your cache by appearance.

In a few days marked by two big names such as Donna Karan y Diane Von Furstenberg, the stars who have decided to stop by the tents of Bryant Park and surrounding area are many and varied, but not only they fan the flames of a frantic week,

Street, those viandantes anonymous and native citizens that it will serve as spontaneous extras to the city of the skyscrapers, give the real and popular touch, Although never by this less glamorous, an event that draws mainly and almost without knowing it, street style.

Jennifer Lopez, very informal and rocker with a look based on dress shirt and black boots, was not missing the front-row of her friend Diane,

the same as other Latin high (and is no joke…), Eva Longoria, much more sophisticated with a patterned ruffle dress floral and very short.

While Mary-Kate Olsen went to the parade of Rock & Republic next in the cast of Gossip Girl (photo above), his sister Ashley preferred move by a party; with leggings, sandals and a blazer that went beyond the oversized (with a look very similar to this from) Nicole Richie), leaving aside its delicious taste by the preppy and pointed to the carefree style (what I like most: his maxi bag).

Lindsay Lohan and his girlfriend, Samantha Ronson , they could not miss the parade of the sister of the latter, Charlotte, and it is that everything was family, would the deejay of the event? Brother missing: Mark (amiguisimo girl Cory Kennedy’s and its almost-mentor).

A wonderful Leighton Meester leaving aside the parades and went to one of their favorite designers private showroom: the unknown Kira Plastinina.

Although later returned to make a hole in your schedule to provide its support to Diane Von Furstenberg sheathed in an exquisite yellow dress.

The same tone that chose a sensual Rosario Dawson to show off Palm in the lounge of the W Magazine.

The exotic Joy Bryant didn’t want to miss the appointment of Herve Leger and that’s how narrow and Super it presented to the first row of the parade.

Y Lindsay Price, the protagonist of Lipstick Jungle, was passed by the corresponding front-row of Verrier.

Becky Newton, which also saw yesterday, is one of the nocturnal; only leave home to go to parties like this, organized by Dolce & Gabbana,

or this one, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the store Intermix chain and which was clothed by Alexander Wang.

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